More proof: Budget Task Force was a joke

By:  Diane Benjamin

See Bills and Payroll for Monday night – the LAST page:

Remember how Bloomington was exposed in the Chicago Tribune paying massive penalties for allowing employees to SPIKE their pensions?

Remember when the Budget Task Force recommended fixing the problem but never did?

Well, it just cost you another $122,735.32!

slbbOf course,

FOIA request filed for details with IMRF.

I wonder if a raise for David Hales is on Monday’s agenda?

Attn:  Sage, Black. etc

If you weren’t a joke PROVE IT!

You are about to pass a budget that increases spending $20,000,000 with NO cuts!

Government employees are allowed to spike pensions because they “deserve” if.

No cuts are ever made because government employees are more important than you.



3 thoughts on “More proof: Budget Task Force was a joke

  1. The worst is that 1% tax increase doesn’t even cover the 11% budget increase. The Council will pass the budget knowing there is a projection of another deficit in 3 years. In 2009 there was a $6.9M deficit so taxes were raised. In 2014 there was a budget shortfall so taxes were raised again. Another tax hike is on the horizon.


  2. All part of Tari’s Master Plan. As a committed Marxist, he believes ALL wealth (and property) should belong to the government. So every extra penny he can take from taxpayers advances his (barely) hidden agenda. And he has 2-3 Council members who share his ideology, and another 2-3 far too stupid to understand what they are supporting.


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