Bloomington spending for 6/25/18

By:  Diane Benjamin

More pension spiking:

Connect Transit gets paid late for April:

GreenTop got their tax rebate:

Not sure about this one – City Sponsoring something at ISU?

Springfield Legal got paid

More of your money to non-profits:

If referendum approves ending BEC, will this be compatible with County:

Just the flight to the US Conference of Mayors

Only the best!




  1. The spending for the Western Avenue Community Center is the ONLY thing I can see that’s justified. And as for $546 for a flight to Boston, WE should just pay for ONE WAY!
    If Tari wants to go SO bad, he should foot the other half. Hotel will be next. I’m betting $300 a night there too..


  2. BN Deserves Better says:

    More wasteful spending. I can’t wait for (Dis)Connect Transit and Green Top to go bust. Two ill-conceived projects, beyond the scope of NEEDS in our community, which were motivated by ideology and devoid of logical reasoning. The latter won’t survive 2018 without a massive infusion of cash or customers that spend money. As to the former, well, when the grants dry up I don’t see Bloomington and Normal ponying up the difference.


  3. Green Top announced in the rag they were having financial troubles. So where is all that taxpayer monies going? Since taxpayers are “donating” monies we need to see their books!


  4. FedUpwithStupidity says:

    Is Gleason already hired or can they change their mind?


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