More State’s Attorney errors!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Followup to this story:

Charges have already been dropped against one of the Coliseum defendants – judge blamed the charges filed by the State’s Attorney’s office.

Now rape charges have been dropped against another defendant – again the judge ruled the charges weren’t filed right:  See this story:

In both cases the prosecution said charges will or could be refiled.  Nothing has been re-filed against Bart Rogers so far.  It appears the State’s Attorney’s office has prosecution problems.

The County is strongly leaning toward appointing a replacement for Jason Chambers with NO experience prosecuting crime.

This is no different from seeing a pediatrician to treat cancer.  It won’t end well.

With 5 recent murders, a rash of armed robberies, and gang violence obviously increasing – on the job training for prosecutions is a joke. 

We will continue to see charges dismissed if the next State’s Attorney has never practiced criminal law.


need to contact your County Board member and Chairman John McIntyre and tell them we need a person experienced in criminal law.

Anything less means charges will continue to be dropped against the accused.

County Board contact information here:









7 thoughts on “More State’s Attorney errors!

  1. Why would the County Board want to hire someone who eventually might charge them or one of their cronies with a crime?


  2. Wasn’t this States Attorney the one appointed to be a judge? If so look out for overturned convictions and other decisions.


  3. Dianne:
    The States Attorney ‘s office might be better off if someone came in from the outside to give it new perspective and energy.They might also come with a fiscal policy that would use taxpayer money wisely. It appears that they have to pile charges on individuals in order to plea down to a reduced charge for conviction. It’s all about their process and looking good.

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