The next McLean County State’s Attorney

By:  Diane Benjamin

The biggest problem in the State of Illinois is State’s Attorneys who refuse to prosecute government corruption.  I and the Edgar County Watchdogs have seen case after case of extreme malfeasance by government officials that never gets prosecuted.  Breaking the law in Illinois is way too easy, getting by with it is even easier.

The biggest reason they refuse to prosecute is because they are seeking appointment to a judgeship.  Prosecuting fellow “public servants” might offend the people making that decision.

That is also the reason why EVERY judge on the ballot for retention should be marked NO.  Integrity and justice in the court system can best be maintained by not allowing lifetime appointments!  Judges need to be changed for the same reason politicians need changed frequently.

The County Board is now considering who should replace Jason Chambers as State’s Attorney since he was appointed judge.  The names I’ve heard being considered have close to zero or zero  experience in a courtroom prosecuting criminal or civil cases.

Remember how charges were dropped against 1 of the 5 Coliseum defendants?  One of the reasons was because the charges were so vague:

I’ve seen nothing yet saying charges have been refiled.

McLean County deserves a prosecutor who can prosecute and will prosecute – even buddies if necessary.

Below is what Illinois statutes say the job of a State’s Attorney is:

Citizens of McLean County deserves a State’s Attorney capable of doing the job, “insider” friends should be the last people considered.

We have extraordinary defense attorneys who have vast courtroom experience and should be considered.

The McLean County Board needs to get this one right.

Who they pick will reveal a lot about the future of justice in McLean County.

(Jane Foster should also be considered!)



7 thoughts on “The next McLean County State’s Attorney

      1. I think he might mean a fish rots from the head down. I agree we need “new blood” in a lot of judicial seats.


  1. Diane, Do you remember how close the vote was when Jason and Jane both ran to replace Yoder? Jane even had Yoder’s endorsement as I recall so she must have been doing something right when she worked for him.


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