GOP: Eliminate the Bloomington Election Commission

By:  Diane Benjamin

The GOP met tonight to hear presentations from Bloomington Election Commission head Paul Shannon and County Clerk Kathy Michael.

The purpose was to determine if the GOP should support a referendum to combine BEC with the County Clerk’s office.

After the presentations, the precinct committeemen voted unanimously to support the referendum.  I know the Libertarian party also supports the referendum.  1000 signatures (plus at least 300 more in case signatures are checked) will be needed.  The petition asks BLOOMINGTON RESIDENTS if they want to eliminate BEC.  Anybody can circulate petitions, only Bloomington residents can sign it.

This is a great move toward consolidating government services.  Two separate election commissions is a waste of resources!

If you want to help get signatures, this is the link to the libertarian petition:

The GOP petition should be the same.  If they create their own link, I will post it.

If the referendum passes, the BEC duties will immediately be transferred to the County Clerk.










2 thoughts on “GOP: Eliminate the Bloomington Election Commission

  1. Awesome! I hear the Libertarian Party is also going after Home Rule. Time to clean things up in this corrupt community.


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