Bloomington Bills for Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin

More pensions spiking:  (the penalties will come late)






Coliseum continues to fleece:



Employee partying, but called Community Relations.  Were you invited?



Springfield Law firm MONTHLY charges:



I have no idea what this is, but Nov-Jan wasn’t paid until February?  Is the cost higher in November and December because of late charges?

All of these payments are for David Hales’ credit card purchases he called Capital Leases.  In other words, the City couldn’t pay cash so CHARGE IT(How much more did this cost?)

One thought on “Bloomington Bills for Monday night

  1. Nice work, as usual, Diane! However, the Pantagraph beat you to the story with an in-depth investigation of pension spiking, declining Arena attendance, and frivolous spending in City Hall…hahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, right.

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