UPDATE: Normal: Who got your $1,000 donation?

A reader on Facebook thought this might be 10 entries for a house they are giving away!  Andrew?    https://www.stjude.org/give/dream-home.html?sc_icid=wtg-mm-dreamhome

By:  Diane Benjamin

In this story I showed a credit card charge labeled “memorial contribution to” for $1,000.   https://blnnews.com/2019/01/18/citizens-of-normal-need-to-see-this-one/

I filed a FOIA request for more information.  Normal has a new system to track requests.  The County has a similar system.  The difference is the County’s system works, Normal’s still needs some work.

Surprisingly the charge was made by the Finance guy:

Is this what you pay taxes for?

Maybe Andrew can explain what public purpose this donation served. 


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Normal: Who got your $1,000 donation?

  1. This just REEKS of illegal! IF he wins a house, WHO shares in the profits from the sale? WHAt did we donate $1,000 to St Jude for? Did WE get a receipt? I guess UPTOWN wants to REALLY get in the real estate business!!


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