Normal’s $1,000 Memorial

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently the Town of Normal doesn’t understand they can’t use their credit card because it’s convenient – even if the charge is reimbursed.  Of course, laws don’t matter in Illinois, more than 1 1/2 years later Tari Renner still hasn’t been charged for misusing his P-Card.  Are those Pam Reece’s initials approving it?


6 thoughts on “Normal’s $1,000 Memorial

  1. While I fully support St Jude and its mission, it’s clear these guys didn’t learn anything from the P-Card “It’s OK because it’ll get reimbursed” excuse in Bloomington? If these guys did this in the private sector, they’d be FIRED immediately.

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  2. Yes, those are in fact Pam Reece’s initials. I agree that St. Jude is a good cause, as I dontate to them regularly, but with the town having 300+ employees, couldn’t they have asked employees to donate some?


  3. From what I can piece together on this, Kathy Nykaza was an insurance broker for Arthur Gallagher Risk Management. Perhaps she was the broker for the town of Normal? Memorials in her obituary were to be directed to St. Jude’s. While this explanation does not justify what the town of Normal did, it may help to explain why they did it, or what the connection was.

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