Bloomington spending your money tonight

By: Diane Benjamin The new Bloomington website is an improvement over what they had. You can now click on agenda items and it will take you to the documentation which eliminates trying to locate a line item. Nobody bothered to write code however so clicking the “back” arrow takes you to where you were. You […]

Unit 5 discriminating based on skin color

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of educating students, Unit 5 is using skin color to determine discipline. They are promoting the idea that deviant behavior is okay for some because they aren’t capable of socially acceptable behavior like following directions and not terrorizing other students. Are grades based on skin color too? Schools should offer equal […]

Mystery Solved, but there’s more

By: Diane Benjamin Documentation for the February 20th Normal Town Council meeting listed this check: Pretty strange since the City Manager doesn’t drive a huge truck – the kind Central Illinois Trucks deals with. A FOIA was filed by someone other than me to find out what this is. First, below is proof Normal does […]

Porn in Schools will be legal when Pritzker signs the bill

By: Diane Benjamin HB 2789 passed both house in Springfield. When Pritzker signs it schools will lose funding if they ban any books – including graphic sexual pornogragraphy your kids have access to. Rep Sharon Chung didn’t show up for the vote in the House. Sen Dave Koehler voted yes. I believe every Democrat who […]

Will council vote different now that the election is over?

By: Diane Benjamin This will be the first meeting with nobody representing taxpayers. Andy Byars replaces Stan Nord. Remember when Dan Brady and Rodney Davis rented a building in Uptown for $1? That was 104 North St. The documentation for tonight claims that building will soon be unavailable due to development. Darin Lahood […]