Mystery Solved, but there’s more

By: Diane Benjamin

Documentation for the February 20th Normal Town Council meeting listed this check:

Pretty strange since the City Manager doesn’t drive a huge truck – the kind Central Illinois Trucks deals with.

A FOIA was filed by someone other than me to find out what this is.

First, below is proof Normal does buy government plates that don’t require yearly payment for most of the vehicles they own, unlike Koos’ Rivian:

This is the vehicle that was repaired.

If you ever see a vehicle with government plates parked where it shouldn’t be, you can find out who it belongs to using

The repairs were required after what appears to be rollover accident. See the documents received here:

That brings me to Normal’s new Rivians. See this story – a fender bender cost $42,000 and months to fix:

Insurance paid for the truck repairs, I wonder if they know Rivians cost a LOT more to fix?

5 thoughts on “Mystery Solved, but there’s more

  1. This stuff will be the least of everyone’s problems when an estimated one million illegal aliens are dispersed throughout the country next week.

  2. Insurance companies know what it costs to repair Rivian’s, they adjust the premium to reflect it. What is insane is that taxpayers are paying 4 times more for insurance than a typical truck just so King Koos and Queen Pam can drive luxury vehicles at the taxpayer expense.

    1. A luxury vehicle? Hardly. More like an unreliable piece of junk with bells and whistles made by people that have little to no idea what they are doing.

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