Did you get a check from Chase labeled rewards?

By: Diane Benjamin

A few days ago my son received a tiny check from JPMorgan Chase Bank that was labeled credit card rewards. It came to our address where he hasn’t lived for many years. He claims he had their credit card many years ago but hasn’t used it in a long time.

Today I got one of those checks. I have NEVER has a Chase account. I called the phone number listed after making my phone number invisible to them (*67 on an IPhone, don’t know if that works on an Android)

The person I reached spoke English but not well. I don’t do business with large banks because government controls them, or they gladly comply with tyrannical policies government wants like ESG.

FedNow is being launched in July. Government wants digital currency to control you. They will be able track your income and spending and cut off access to your funds if they don’t approve.

I’m not going to cash my check. Chase doesn’t need to know what bank I use. I’m ripping up $2.06.

Did you get one?

8 thoughts on “Did you get a check from Chase labeled rewards?

  1. $84.76. so whats the deal. do not understand? I have a chase account. have had it for years.

      1. It’s possible @Patrick L Davis may have been saying he didn’t understand why he got one because he had Chase for years (and they haven’t always done this). Every response to other people on this blog is always so hostile for no reason.

  2. I have Chase but not long- don’t like) Did not get any. Every “fintech” bank, insurance, medical org and credit union in BN is woke and integrates “target market” and B2b, C2C process. It’s basically systematic and procedural deception and lure tactics. Be discerning folks. Data breaches galore in last 3-4 years. Public private “partnerships” at their worst.

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