Bloomington spending your money tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

The new Bloomington website is an improvement over what they had. You can now click on agenda items and it will take you to the documentation which eliminates trying to locate a line item. Nobody bothered to write code however so clicking the “back” arrow takes you to where you were. You will end up back at the top instead.


It’s okay of you tune in late – Mboka has 3 proclamations to read.

Mboka continues to keep all of Renner’s appointments – including the Library Board:

File an injury claim and get $40,000 because the City doesn’t want to waste money on legal bills:

Imagine what remodel you could do with $577,550. That is what Bloomington will spend on renovations for Economic and Community Development space in the Government Center. Are they trying to compete with Normal’s elaborate offices?

You can see the rest of the agenda at the first link.

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