Congrats Bloomington!

By: Diane Benjamin

What did Bloomington do right? The audio and video of the council meeting actually synced last night!

Even with 3 proclamations the entire meeting was less than an hour.

I don’t remember council approval for moving any offices to the government center, they just appeared there. If the HUB was approved I don’t remember it. I wrote a story in January of 2021 about it:

At least last night details and a vote happened on spending over a half a million to remodel another department. Bloomington isn’t done, they still have 3 more areas to revamp including the Council Chambers. Since the County uses the same room they have to work together on that one.

Evidently former City Manager David Hales was set to spend $2 million on an un-named building when Tim Gleason was hired. Gleason stopped it so an evaluation of current space available could be completed.

Just hit play to hear staff explain why this spending is necessary:

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