Unit 5 discriminating based on skin color

By: Diane Benjamin

Instead of educating students, Unit 5 is using skin color to determine discipline. They are promoting the idea that deviant behavior is okay for some because they aren’t capable of socially acceptable behavior like following directions and not terrorizing other students.

Are grades based on skin color too?

Schools should offer equal opportunities. Results will be different because abilities are different. Division by skin color does nothing but divide, the Equity Action Plan does just that. No one is entitled to “equity” and kids shouldn’t be taught to expect it. Equity is giving what isn’t earned.

Unit 5 is not helping anyone using the “low expectations” method and calling it restorative justice. A poor home environment can’t be repaired by allowing abhorrent behavior in a classroom. This discrimination will become a lifetime excuse to not succeed.

Thanks for electing the left woke!

See the McLean County Action Plan for 2023 and beyond: https://www.unit5.org/domain/3645


Next see the Equity Audit: https://www.unit5.org/cms/lib/IL01905100/Centricity/Domain/3645/EA%20FINAL%20McLean%20SD%205.pdf

PDF page 28:

8 thoughts on “Unit 5 discriminating based on skin color

  1. There are lots of black individuals that are extremely successful, and most black folks are very decent people just like most whites. But there’s a growing percentage of blacks that apparently have not evolved much beyond their African origins. To societies detriment we are catering to those people, even encouraging them. Sadly their decent brothers and sisters have not changed them and racebaiters use them as tools of disruption to further their own agendas. Marxist on the left take advantage of course, and have just kept adding fuel to the fire. A recent President said something about fundamentally changing America ….. he lit the fuse on this social bomb.

    1. I don’t know if you intended it that way, but your comment smacks of racism. Blacks’ “African origins” may have been tribal, but even a tribal society needs basic rules to have endured for several generations, much less several centuries. This is primarily an ‘us problem’, failing to provide proper socialization, guidance, and discipline these individuals need to advance beyond the emotional level of a typical 2-year-old.
      Your various observations of who facilitates and exploits these situations are pretty accurate though…

  2. That recent president was Obama, “We will fundamentally change America.” right after that election.

  3. This is just the beginning for Unit 5’s discriminatory practices. They are also collecting identity-based data on who gets into advanced placement classes.

    From their Equity Audit, Aug 2021 that Diane posted the link to above.

    Pg 19 – 5: ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING – Across the district, we have and continue to take a critical lens to our academic programming (e.g., ESL, SPED, Gifted/Honors/AP, etc.) to analyze student representation by socially constructed identities.

    A next step will involve employment practices.

    Pg 21 – 8: EMPLOYMENT & RETAINMENT – We have implemented practices to attract and retain highly qualified, diverse teachers and administrators at our district.

    Pg 102 – The district may need to consider its interviewing and hiring practices for implicit biases. This will provide an important insight to one’s identity, positionality, and critical understanding of equity.

    Each time they get away with implementing discriminatory policies they will advance to the next level of bigotry, all the while patting themselves on the back for being so virtuous.

  4. Lets face facts, shall we? The people pushing these policies, be it here or in Washington, will not be satisfied until White conservatives are irradiated. Period. And the laughable part is this is driven by White liberals! Blacks and Queer identifiers are just weapons for conservative destruction.

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