As seen on NextDoor – Hoose

By: Diane Benjamin

I received reports last school year of a female student terrorizing Benjamin School. She was bussed there from in town. Is this the same student or another one teachers aren’t allowed to discipline?

Names redacted only because I wanted to:

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  1. “Restorative Justice” is a stated policy in Unit 5’s new Equity doctrine.
    This is the way “restorative justice” works. – The administration feels good about themselves, everyone else suffers and the problem gets worse until disaster strikes.

  2. Mental Health Issues are REAL – Unit 5 must wake-up (not woke-up) and discipline this terror immediately.

  3. I emailed the superintendent and she basically told me that I should be happy that Unit5 is a diverse place and said she was aware of the child already. If my child or another hoose kid is hurt by this violent child I will sue them with every penny I own. Violence is not diversity. Ruining outside time for other kids who have to be quarantined from his mentally disturbed kid is not diversity.

      1. This is without excuse. To paraphrase an old cowboy, “some folks just need ….” This kid obviously is not worth the trouble he/she/it
        has caused.

  4. This is sooo wrong in so many different ways. The student must be in a protected class…. racial, gender identity or some handicap. I don’t think kids like this should be in public schools. It’s nice to put society out and spend extra taxpayer dollars on ” special needs kids” regardless the reason, BUT when they are an disruptive or, as in this case worse, they shouldn’t be allowed on the school grounds. Either keep them at home or put them in a juvenile hall.

  5. This is not only what we voted for, but 60% of our neighbors voted for More of this.
    And I do mean ‘we’. Perhaps you, like I, voted against the people that put this policy in place. Perhaps you, like me, voted not to increase funding so they can do more of this. But did you got to PTO meetings and ask why They were not asking about the problems the current council was propagating? Did you go to the ‘informational meetings’ and confront their lies? Did you talk to your neighbors and other parents and explain your position? Did you donate money to the political campaigns that opposed this? Did you fight off the fear they tried to instill with their literal terrorist tactics? I did more than most, probably to the detriment of my own election campaign, but even so I cannot respond 100% yes to my own questions.
    Even if you can respond 100% yes, we need to do better, for the sake of our children, our schools, our society, and our future. You Know they did not just throw their plan together a few months before-hand. We need people to step forward NOW to prepare to run for the next elections, so we can better coordinate our campaign(s) and fundraising if we want any hope of success.

    1. You’re right Karl Sila……I did none of those things. I gave up my Illinois residency and “moved” to Florida instead. (18 years ago when sold my business) There ain’t no saving this blue combloc state. Sadly though, the sick politics of Chicagoland are seeping into BloNo. I’m on this site because I know Diane from ‘the old days’ and I want to see what my daughter and grandsons have to face….otherwise I’d pay no attention. The state of ‘blue America’ is very sad, sick, and dragging us all down. I applaud you, Stan Nord, and all the folks that are trying to restore reason. Don’t give up. America and it’s traditional values are worth saving, if we can. Nowadays I’d vote for ANYONE, even Lassie, before a Democrat! BTW Florida has a FANTASTIC governor.

  6. Well well well. This is what the woke, leftist, progressive, marxists have turned unit 5 into. THIS is the absolute garbage diversity equity inclusion. The voters of Normal voted for the garbage union candidates instead of the Quality school board candidates. The children of Unit 5 are being Sexualized because the parents look the other way. The children of Unit 5 are being Racialized because the parents are too afraid to speak up. The children of Unit 5 are not receiving a quality education because Academic Excellence is no longer a priority. The priorities for Unit 5 are now Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory, and Queer Theory. Also, you’re children are not physically safe in any Unit 5 school because discipline is no longer allowed. Pull your children out. Homeschool them are let them go to private school. To allow you’re beloved children to remain in this environment is awful.

  7. I am saving $10,000 a year.
    This will ,hopefully, insure my grand son will NEVER see the inside of public school as a “student.”
    I was a public school teacher for 4 years!
    I know what I am doing is anti union.
    so you see, I am serious!!

  8. I just read all of this on my nextdoor app. I feel for this child. He/she is definitely having some major issues. I am completely dumbfounded by the rest of the school being altered or their routines, outside time, and whatnot. Who made that decision? This is a grade school right? So our most at risk age kids are being subjected to this? What is this teaching them? I don’t understand why something more is not being done to help this child. Even if the parents are resistant to or ignoring intervention ideas, the greater good of the school and all the students need to be considered.
    I understand all of you that say to homeschool or private school, but that is not an option for so many of us. How about putting our efforts to better folks on the school board, being involved in the PTA or PTO. Thankful I am in Dist. 87 right now.

    1. We did put considerable effort into electing 4 Quality candidates to the school board. Unfortunately the 4 chosen Union candidates were well funded and are now on the board.

  9. By allowing this student to be in this educational setting, you are exposing the other children in the classroom and school to their own trauma from observing these actions. t Those non-involved children will be exposed to episodes of abnormal behavior the parents think happen in ‘other schools’ The childen who observe these behaviors WILL be traumatized. Make no mistake about it, the non-involved students will be damaged by this students behaviors. The classroom is a microcosm of everyday life. Parents should think again about how this child will affect their child in the long term

    1. The Superintendent, administration and school board do not care that the other children are being traumatized by this. These are the same people sexualizing children and racializing children. They sure don’t care that one student is traumatizing and entire elementary school.

  10. This student was previously in the district before being removed by the parent. That option did not work as well, so Hoose was the next option. The parent has significant issues and will threaten and bully anyone in the district who tries to protect the other students and themselves. A friend quit the district and explained how the handling of this decimated the staff at his last school.

    This child is dangerous. If your child/grandchild is in class or in the same place, seek help and put on the record that any safety issues will be litigated and personally name the Superintendent, chief legal officer, and principal.

  11. Endangering any/ all the other children and school employees because of one bad child is NOT “diversity”… it is EXTREME MISMANAGEMENT of the school and the school DISTRICT. Every other parent there should file a lawsuit for this endangerment of their children, to outweigh the one parent who has most likely threatened the same if their own violent child is disciplined.

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