Another COURT update

By:  Diane Benjamin Today I was in court again for my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington – it’s either #4 or #5 (losing track).  The judge has promised to issue a ruling on January 28th. City Attorney Rosalee Dodson is no longer with the City, at least that’s what the substitute said.  No explanation […]

Bloomington: Tax dollars shipped out of town!

By:  Diane Benjamin When the City of Bloomington paid Todd Greenburg to leave as City Attorney last October, he was not replaced.  Instead they hired a Springfield Law Firm and attorney Jeff Jurgens.  All of the below information is  from the Bills and Payroll reports: This is a list of payments to the law firm […]

My lawsuit against Bloomington continues

By:  Diane Benjamin I was in court again this morning.  The City of Bloomington had filed another motion to dismiss, the judge denied it.  City lawyers seem to think they can write the law however fits them.  The judge didn’t agree. Meanwhile, taxpayers of Bloomington have most likely spent thousands of dollars to NOT be […]