Abuse by the City of Bloomington!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I find it hilarious that last night the Bloomington City Council held one of their SECRET meetings with “pending litigation” on the agenda:  https://blnnews.com/2016/01/25/tonights-secret-council-meeting/

Today the City lawyers have a new strategy.  I received this email this morning:  (click to enlarge it)

Boyle1The last time we were in court, Mr. Boyle claimed to be ready to proceed to trial.  The trial is set for February 5th.

I emailed Mr. Boyle and asked why he needed a conference.

Many hours later I got this response:

Boyle2Read it carefully!

Mr. Boyle admits guilt on the part of the City.  Of course, I already knew that before the lawsuit was filed.

He thinks I am going to drive downtown on February 2nd just to hear him say they concede defeat, but there is nothing they can do about it.

What a waste of time.  The City of Bloomington has already wasted their lawyers time and MY TIME.  How many hours have you wasted George?  If you can’t figure out how to get the documents you admit I’m entitled to, I will tell you on February 5th.  Make sure David Hales is present or I will demand he be held in Contempt of Court.

See you in court.





10 thoughts on “Abuse by the City of Bloomington!

  1. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you are in the right and don’t back down. The subpoena of Mr. Hales probably has something to do with compliance. Current contract negotiations with CIAM also may have some influence.


  2. I’m willing to bet that Hales will be squirming in his seat on Feb. 5th if he isn’t already. Just the thought of it does bring a smile to my face.


  3. I’m not quite sure how I read his letter. To me it sounds like a ploy to drag this out longer to find a reason why you shouldn’t get the documents that he says the court needs to decide on. So he wants you to show up and maybe agree with his assumption. They probably can’t find a precedent that they need to fight your request.

    “No concession information”, my first reaction to that is okay why not. I don’t know but it would seem to me the court would rule in your favor and make them provide it. CIAM is operating in the interest of the taxpayers. How can the taxpayers be well informed and determine if the city is acting in their best interest by contracting to CIAM. For criminey sakes it isn’t like you are asking for a detail report on the number of Mars candy bars are being sold verses Milky Way.


    1. Either that or there is more than meets the eye with the concessions documentation. Any judge that his worth his robe would see reason to sign court order for the concession sales to be disclosed. I think they are buying time to prep David Hales. Maybe CAIM/BMI are getting antsy and they want the city to clean up the mess. Maybe they know they gig is up. Just seems odd that they won’t release concession sales so you can only assume that some creative book keeping is being done and illegal activity is occurring. It can’t be done without the local government’s blessing or else this lawsuit would not have happened. You went for the jugular by subpoenaing David Hales. They we’re probably not prepared for it.


  4. It does sound all too much like a delay tactic to get past the City Manager’s raise and CIAM contract renewal votes coming up later in February. They must not remember that it’s not the crime but the cover up that’ll put ’em behind bars…..


  5. Wasn’t payroll part of this? what is the big deal on releasing payroll for CIAM? They are paid under the coliseum fund which is owned by the City. They don’t want to release that Bart Rogers is double dipping in Peoria with the Rivermen and at the Coliseum? Why does the arena have two managers in charge? what a waste


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