Public Comment-the only interesting part

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council meeting didn’t have much on the agenda last night.  That usually means they are preparing big things for the next meeting.  Your wallet isn’t safe.

Public comment showed the deep divide between citizens and the Council.  Think we are ignored by the people in Washington DC and Springfield?   It all starts local, just hit play below.

Tari never misses an opportunity to invite citizens to his Friday’s Open House – No video, No accountability, No press.  The Open House would be a great opportunity if the Mayor listened.  Many attendees have told me he doesn’t.

One interesting item was on Bills and Payroll:

The Coliseum got their new scoreboards!

The Council approved the purchase last July.  Bleeding red ink is evidently fine.





7 thoughts on “Public Comment-the only interesting part

  1. Very true. Last Friday the Mayor was not even in attendance. He sent Black and Buragas. What does it say that the same aldermen always sub for the mayor? Has Kevin Lower ever been invited to sub? Who is the mayor serving? Just those who agree with him?

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    1. Alderwoman Haumann is sometimes at the Friday meeting but has not directed it. Most of answers from the Mayor or his substitute are patronizing at best. And, the Mayor and Alderman Black like to pontificate leaving little time for the citizens to speak.

  2. Upcoming items on the agenda will be: Feb 6–the results of the water and sewer fee study (see Mr. Hales comment to Mr. Fruin @ 1:00:00). The TIF hearings will be coming up in February. Expect feedback from the downtown redevelopment/hotel feasibility study. More budget talks will occur including bond funding. City Manager’s raise and CIAM contract will be up for votes. I’m sure there are more but the items are kept under wraps until there are enough votes to pass them, as usual.

    The Mayor’s open house also provides an opportunity for the Mayor and Council members to subvert any citizen argument prior to the Council meeting. Just sayin’.

      1. Of course–they are trying to close the $2M deficit so there is enough money from the tax increase to provide for bond funding for the downtown and TIF.

  3. One would “THINK” that with ALL these “study” sessions we would have some intelligent DECISIONS on the council, but WHAT do we get? MORE studies, discussion, committees, task forces, consultants, ad naseum. Do these folks do ANY thinking of their own or are they just spewing out what Tari Tweed and Dave Pendergast have pulled the puppet strings on? My goodness, college students who major in Weekends and Michelob do more studying then this-AND get more done-THEY GRADUATE!

    “One who deceives will ALWAYS find those who allow themselves to be deceived”
    N. Machiavelli

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