Bloomington shipped another $52,032 to Springfield

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bill and Payroll for approval at Monday’s meeting are now on-line:

I don’t have time today to look at everything, but residents should be happy to know your City shipped another huge amount to Springfield for their contract lawyer!  Redistribution of your wealth to Springfield!

Sorling 1Sorling 2

2 thoughts on “Bloomington shipped another $52,032 to Springfield

  1. Are the Manager (oxymoron) HALES, Tari and the WHOLE council so misguided that they DO NOT realize you could have a PERSONAL lawyer for less then $500 K a year, or are they ALL just that “arrogant” with spending OUR money. Will you people WAKE UP and DO SOME SHOPPING or at least (heaven forbid) HIRE A CONSULTANT to look into what this city could SAVE in ONE YEAR by having a lawyer. NORA!! Will you PLEASE communicate with these people? I get it-HOW MUCH are we paying the lobotomy doctor who is maintaing the status quo?


  2. Lots of Executive meetings for litigation recently. The Amendments to the Annexation Agreements for Snyder probably took many hours. The deal for the police officer that was let go probably took many hours as well. It would make more sense to have an in-house attorney or two.


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