Bloomington Library needs to expand?

By:  Diane Benjamin From City Manager David Hales’ February report: Page 51 The green line is the current year.  Please tell Tari the number of visitors is decreasing.  Ask him to explain why the library needs an addition!

Bloomington: ONWARD!

by:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Council will be asked to approve buying the property south of the current library.  This item is on the CONSENT AGENDA which means nothing to see here, sit down, shut up and vote. Council members can pull items from the Consent Agenda for discussion.  I bet this one gets […]

Why aren’t library rules enforced?

by: Diane Benjamin I can’t answer that question!  I continue to hear stories of obnoxious patrons at the Bloomington Library.  Staff and security personnel are evidently not enforcing the rules.  The library should be a tranquil place for patrons, not a place to dodge troublemakers. On March 19, 2013, the Library Board approved these rules: […]