Library investigated for OMA

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the two illegal meetings held by the library board because they weren’t posted 48 hours in advance?

Keep in mind I notified both the Sheriff and the State’s Attorney’s office prior to the meetings, they did nothing to stop the crime of violating the Open Meetings Act.  Law for government are immaterial.

I filed a Request For Review with the Attorney General’s Public Access office.  I received notice today that they are investigating:  48494 FI let

Since the picture I included with the original request isn’t readable (see the last page), I sent both them and the library a clear copy:

The meetings took place on the 19th and 20th.  Neither meeting was posted on their website as shown in this dated picture.

What odds should we give that they will be held accountable for breaking the law?







3 thoughts on “Library investigated for OMA

  1. Other possibilities:
    *Maybe the website wasn’t working properly.
    *Maybe they won’t do anything because being 12 hours late one time isn’t a big enough deal to spend time/money addressing.

    If an officer decides not to pull someone over who is going 2 miles above the speed limit, does that mean laws don’t matter to her?

    This just seems like an unproductive use of your talents and energy. Letting yourself get worked up about little stuff makes it hard for us to tell when you’re really on to something.

    (Full disclosure: my wife is on the library board.)


  2. Even though both are illegal, I think going 2 mph over the speed limit is ok, but not 50 mph. I feel like that’s common sense, but if that makes me an anarchist in your eyes, then I’m not sure what to say.

    Another example: readers of your blog might believe that the NOIT welcome yard signs are against code, but are ok with the 92.9 flamingos and the Washington anti-bike lane signs.

    Thanks for posting my thoughts! Fun to be a part of the process.


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