UPDATE: Playing nice – for now

I’ve said over and over laws are broken here because nobody will prosecute.   Tonight’s illegal meeting will take place and so will the illegal meeting the library has scheduled for tomorrow.  The Sheriff doesn’t care – he hasn’t responded to my email.  The States Attorney’s office doesn’t care either – Knapp hasn’t responded to my email.

Jeff Jurgens did try to make a citizen think there was nothing wrong with not posting the agenda as required.  Jurgens copied a paragraph from the OMA and completely ignored the paragraphs above and below it.  Jeff must not realize that a section labeled (a) (b) and (c) all go together.  He just proved money from the City is all that matters, not following the law.

If law enforcement doesn’t enforce the law equally, government will continue to trample it’s citizens.  Illinois is corrupt, now you know why.  I can file with the AG and get a ruling in 3-6 months that will do nothing but find them guilty and gently slap their fingers.  Celebrate now.



I just sent this email to Jeff Jurgens, Don Knapp at the States Attorney’s office, and the McLean County Sheriff:

Do laws matter in McLean County?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, hopefully not this time.

It’s interesting that the husband of the lady who was Tari Renner’s campaign manager twice is now the President of the Library Board.  Alex Cardona is also Steve Vogel’s son-in-law.  Maybe Saturday Steve can do a column about how laws matter.

Remember those 200 people who showed at a meeting in Stark County?

If the meeting isn’t cancelled, you are needed at the Police Station at 5:15-2nd floor.





6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Playing nice – for now

  1. If citizens don’t hold the elected officials accountable for anything, why should the City’s hired legal counsel? People need to attend council meetings and speak out. It is too easy for Alderman and the Mayor to ignore/dismiss emails. Mayoral open house has no record of proceedings.


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