Is David Sage lonely?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The entire Council came to last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting with plans to put citizens in charge of the police force – except David Sage.  Maybe he didn’t get invited to the lunches and private meetings everybody on the Council obviously was treated to.  I wonder if Chief Heffner already has his resume out?

All of the Public Comment speakers supported the plan.  Several had felony records but wanted dispensation to serve on the Board.  Much gnashing of teeth took place by various aldermen who lamented the unfairness.  Several mentioned their luck in not being felons – they just weren’t caught in their younger days.

Dave Sage called this Board a solution in search of a problem.  He had heard no allegations against the police, just that people were afraid of filing a report against an officer.  Even after he asked for clarity at least twice, he got nothing.  A discussion of the merits never happened, it was a done deal before the meeting started.  Scott Black never said why he wanted the work “citizen” changed to something more inclusive.

That’s a tough one, why would he not want the word “citizen” included . . . . .

For everybody who sat out the April election and has no clue why Bloomington is pedal to the metal left-wing now – it helps to know who is behind this:

People who can’t accept Hillary’s loss

That’s the Democrat Party planning to wreak havoc across the county.  Here’s more from “Resist”:

If you missed the 60’s, you now have a chance to experience the demonstrations, bombs blowing up people and buildings long before ISIS, and the coming assassinations. (Gee, a guy tried just 2 weeks ago!)

What political party turned a lot of people against the police with 8 years of accusations?

“The police acted stupidly”

“Pigs in blanket fry ’em like bacon”


That same party is running Bloomington now with no opposition and no media reporting the facts.

Common sense and Rule of Law will be MIA for a while.   The turmoil of the 60’s ended when people started dying and the American people got fed up with the violence.

Stay tuned, it’s not going to be a fun ride.



10 thoughts on “Is David Sage lonely?

  1. Is David Sage lonely? Hardly. He’s very much at home but not yet ready to come out of the closet as he wants to keep that fake republican base.

  2. It’s interesting that Alderwoman Hauman feels the Council doesn’t have the opportunity to turn down the Mayor’s appointment once he brings it to the Council for approval. Alderman Mwilambwe also had some conversation about it and the Mayor tried to say he has been able to find spots for most everyone the Council recommends.

    Nobody is saying that felons cannot serve the city in various roles, but perhaps this committee is not the best avenue. To play devil’s advocate, will they appoint police officers, who are citizens to serve on this board as well? What about a Normal or County policy officer who lives in Bloomington? Just like a person tied to a particular issue may not be chosen to serve on a jury, perhaps a convicted felon, who may be slanted against police, wouldn’t be best to serve on this board?

  3. My God! If the rank-and-file police officers actually support Renner, what chances does a property owning, white, Conservative citizen have for personal safety in the City of Bloomington? Exactly none. PLEASE tell me this is not the case.

    1. White conservative citizens in BloNO will have the same chance they have had since King Tari and his court jesters started running the city…… zero to none! This is why I got the heck out of BLONO

  4. Rank and file controls union leadership through elections. Hey, Maggie, wondering if property owning, African American, Hispanic, or Asian, conservative citizens have a chance for safety? If you feel threatened as someone who is Caucasian (based on your comment), how must minorities feel, do you think?

  5. I hope the Bloom police walk out and leave! Maybe showing the Council that breaking a union contract by allowing extortionists run the police will show the council that they are tired of King Tari running the show. I know one BPD officer who is counting the days to retirement so he can get the heck out of Bloomington PD! I do know several retired officers who are furious with King Tari and his court jesters at even thinking allowing felons to dictate to police. Allowing BLM run the police review board is akin to letting a pedophile run a daycare center !

  6. Are you kidding me?? The labor unions are part and parcel of a group called #Resit:Bloomington, IL. The majority of their income is from government projects paid for with tax dollars from the citizens of Bloomington!! The wording of the proposed ordinance is inflammatory. The term “complaint” is stated throughout. I’m guessing BLM, NIOT, etc. were instrumental is formulating the document.
    Sage was the only one having the voice of reason. Good for him for taking an opposing viewpoint. Sage does not to rush into something which may have unintended consequences. Hopefully, Sage’s home will not be terrorized.
    Renner claims this has been an issue since February. Wrong!! The Jefferson St. Community Center controversy occurred in February. It was in May that this Review Board concept came about.
    Black wants to change the word “citizen” to include those other than citizens–a non-local– maybe a non-resident alien. He is a supporter of the “Welcoming Ordinance.” Maybe that will be next on an agenda.
    God help us!

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