Library Madness

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Public Library Trustees have voted to spend up to $85,000 with Farnsworth Group for an expansion study!

Meanwhile, in City Manger David Hales’ July report, patrons of the library and items checked out plummeted compared to last year:

libarya  Page 54.

Georgia, I will do the study for $25,000.  I will even preview it for you:

Totally unnecessary to expand the library!

Save your money until Tari is gone, then maybe go back to an East Side Branch.


15 thoughts on “Library Madness

  1. Another worthless study, wasting money. Common sense would tell them with declining use why would you even consider expansion and pay someone to tell you that. I can tell them that for free.


    1. Alderman Fruin suggested moving the Library to the Commerce Bank Building or somewhere closer to Downtown. That makes more sense than expansion. Personally, I think the Library wants to expand to accommodate more computers for on-line services and meeting rooms for special programs.


      1. I thought the Ensenberger building was owned by the Huff’s and is being developed as condos. I know the Huff’s benefited from Downtown TIF money which is basically city tax money but I don’t think the City outright owns the building.


  2. The library is plenty big enough already. The childrens section could be condensed into a space the quarter of a size it is right now.


  3. The blame belongs to the library board which is now made up of all Renner appointees. The library director is at their mercy.
    Any library expansion should be in the form of an east side branch, and the branch idea should not be considered until after the city has found a way to fill its seven million dollar budget deficit without raising taxes.


  4. I’m afraid I’ll have to undercut your offer to do the study for $25,000. I’ll do it for $2,500. I have condensed the results into one sentence.


      1. What does a deer in headlights look get these days? Ahhh never mind the potted plants wouldn’t have a clue. Another consultant would have to be hired. The mayor would be heard ranting like a two year old from a sub-floor closet, the city manager would be needing his desk chair reupholstered for constant squirming wearing a pattern on the cheap leather, and the communications director would be filing charges on somebody, any body for asking for communication. Now here comes the work comp claims. Such a mess. Maybe I should delete this,,,,,,,,,,nah.


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