Agenda 21: Restructure US government to make “huge” green changes in America, study proposes

One of the important unanswered questions, the former official said, is “who gets to decide what sustainability is? Or what its outcome means?”  One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law,” which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at […]

Real Citizens Fight Back

I’m hearing some members of the McLean County Board are NOT in favor of this bypass.  When are you going to take a stand? by:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Waukesha Wisconsin don’t want a Bypass either.  But they aren’t laying down and just letting it happen. Of course, Wisconsin is the state that elected Scott […]

More on the East-Side Destruction

by:  Diane Benjamin The vote to proceed with a “Study” on the East Side Highway was taken by the McLean County Board on June 15, 2010. Read the discussion of the County Board before the vote to spend $10 million was taken – it begins on page 69 I asked my representative years ago […]

US Government plans and Bloomington match?

U.S. Government Plans to Push Americans Out of Suburbs and Move in Planned Cities Agenda 21 is an United Nations “action plan” that basically defines how citizens will live in the 21th Century. Under the guise of “eco-sustainability” and other “you-must-agree-with” buzz words, the plan ultimately reduces the freedoms and living conditions of citizens, not […]


Sustainable Development is not implemented in the open, as the APA claims, but in back rooms filled with the proper NGO organizations, which surround your elected officials and pressures their actions. In that way it is changing our American society and form of government, making government more powerful and more invasive in our daily lives. […]

Europe Exits Climate Money Pit, Obama Jumps In

By Ron Arnold, Washington Examiner – June 28, 2013 What does America have to show for the billions of taxpayer dollars spent to stop climate change? Is the climate better now because of 20 years of throwing money at it? The issue is the climate, not the loads of exorbitantly expensive subsidy scandals, secretive scientists and bureaucratic claptrap […]

Spoken like a true Dictator

The President launched the WAR on the MIDDLE CLASS today with a speech and this email: I told Congress in February that if they didn’t take action to fight climate change, then I would. Today, I announced a plan of action to make good on that promise. My administration is taking steps to cut carbon […]

The green fraud: Wind turbines kill birds, sicken humans, but greens don’t care

by Rich Kozlovich Posted: June 23, 2013 Jessica Marszelek, federal politics reporter for Australia’s News Limited Network, recently posted an article titled, “Australia: Wind power ‘terrorising’ rural communities.” Some 150 people turned up for a three-hour rally at Canberra’s Parliament House, she reported, to express their concern about the health effects of wind turbines. The residents […]

The East Side Highway Myth

by:  Diane Benjamin At the meeting last night, we were told the highway is needed because of the growth projected by 2035. The growth estimates are questionable and nothing predicted in the past has actually come to fruition, but that’s not the point. Growth.  What comes to mind?  Maybe more houses, businesses, roads, sewers, schools, […]

How Long Are You Going to be a Slave?

by:  Diane Benjamin If you continue to let government do anything it wants, spend your money, tax you more when they need it – you are a slave to government! Government’s job is to Protect your rights, not tell you which ones you are entitled to. Tonight, yet another meeting on the East-side bypass that […]

The road State Farm wants

by:  Diane Benjamin Okay, a few others want the east-side bypass too, but State Farm is really pushing for it. No matter what the people say – plans are proceeding! Coliseum anyone?  The people didn’t want it either, but it didn’t matter. Nothing is un-ethical or illegal to government.  They have an agenda and the […]

Aggregation Bids: Bloomington

by:  Diane Benjamin I finally obtained the bids from Tari Renner.  The Bloomington Freedom of Information Officer was evidently too busy to copy. As previously reported, Bloomington opted for 100% Renewable.  Electricity is not storable, so it is impossible to determine the source of the power.  The turbines East of Bloomington are frequently turned off […]

Common Core Fairy Tales

If you read the Pantagraph, today’s edition had a glowing report of how great the changes coming to local schools next year will be.  The article is filled with mis-information, the biggest being this effort is state-led.  All the tests are being written at the federal level.  Teachers can teach anything they want, but if […]

The tragedy of climatism: Heartland College

Green energy has bankrupted many European Countries – but we keep drinking the Kool-aid.  That $3.7 million grant is our tax money: From the Hearthand Community College website: IGEN Earns $3.7 Million Grant for Green Economy HCC, other Illinois community colleges and local communities to benefit from new programs The Illinois Green Economy Network […]

The tragedy of climatism: Resource misuse on a global scale

by Steve Goreham Excepts from the story linked to below: At the same time, the theory of man-made warming appears increasingly shaky. Hundreds of studies show that Earth was warmer 1,000 years ago than it is today. Water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is Earth’s dominant greenhouse gas. Arctic sea ice recently reached a 30-year low, but Antarctic Sea ice is […]

Defund the United Nations

Defund the United Nations, End Agenda 21 (Missouri has already voted to ban Agenda 21!) Dear Sir or Madame, We the People have presented many requests to our Congress in this past two years, some of which you have chosen to ignore. You were voted into office to act FOR the people of the United […]

Most Bloomington Council Members clueless

Update:  They passed to contract with Good Energy and add the maximum renewable.  Also they approved their cut.  Government run electricity – congrats Bloomington. by:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Bloomington City Council will approve a contract with Good Energy to start the aggregation process.  As explained previously (, Ameren is out to recapture the monopoly they have […]

Missouri Legislature Bans UN Agenda 21

For all the local disbelievers: May 10, 2013 By Alex Newman, New American With a veto-proof majority, the Missouri legislature approved a popular bill protecting private property and due process rights by banning a deeply controversial United Nations “sustainability” scheme known as UN Agenda 21. The legislation, SB 265, now heads to Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, who has […]

Sequester, what sequester?

MILITARY SIGNS CONTRACT FOR GREEN JET FUEL THAT’S NEARLY 16 TIMES THE PRICE OF CONVENTIONAL FUEL May. 3, 2013 11:08am Liz Klimas With many claiming to feel the pangs of the sequestration, it appears a green company’s contract for a more expensive jet fuel was allowed to go through. The renewable chemical and biofuel company Gevo in its first quarter […]

Church of Global Warming feels the heat

By:  Rick Manning It is a bad time to be a global warming believer.   Seventeen straight years of climate stability will straighten even the most ardent true believers hockey stick. Russian scientists have even expressed concern that the globe may be facing more than 200 years of global cooling even going so far as worrying about […]

Green Energy Truths

by:  Diane Benjamin It is mostly impossible to get any truth about green energy.  There are reasons: companies making money off green technology have a financial interest in hiding truth schools have an interest in hiding the truth – grants scientists have a financial interest in hiding the truth – grants, research funds government has […]

Your money: Downtown

by Diane Benjamin How did Normal accomplish the Uptown project?  It was easy – stack the City Council.  Anybody who didn’t totally agree with the agenda wasn’t considered for appointment to empty seats.  The last election sealed Normal’s fate, everybody Chris Koos wanted got elected.    Normal – you did it to yourself by staying […]

What drives Chris Koos?

by:  Diane Benjamin If you haven’t heard Sustainability over and over and over in Normal, you haven’t listened.  Look at “Uptown”.  Why are the shops on the ground level with apartments above?  Why did the Council vote to complete a study for a grocery store?  Why are shoppers mostly required to park in a garage and walk? […]


March 20, 2013 National Database of School Children Launched Last week the SXSWedu Technology Conference in Austin, Texas, featured a new project that has many educational technology companies very excited – and that has many parents angry and deeply concerned. The project is called inBloom – a massive national database of personal information on public school […]

Vetting Tari Renner-MCRPC

by Diane Benjamin Most people have never heard of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission, but this board is the conduit from state and federal sources to implement an agenda.  This takes control away from local government.  Check their website:  Plans are listed for every level of government.  Tari Renner is a member of […]

Normal: Elect Conservatives!

Are the citizens of Normal sick of the debt created by Mayor Koos and the current City Council?  Do they realize millions of their tax dollars have been stolen to rebuild “Uptown”?  Do citizens realize Mayor Koos isn’t done adding more debt since he is running for reelection?   Do citizens realize they have NO […]

Open Letter to Mayor and City Councils

Main Street Association of Bloomington-Normal In regards to the audio/video noted below, it can be found by clicking here; The Role of Sustainable Urbanism in the Conservative Agenda Julie Hile starts speaking at the 33:40 mark. Following is the letter that was sent. Dear City Councils and Mayors of Bloomington and Normal: The Main Street […]

Illinois, “Agenda 21” EXPOSED!!!!

Indoctrinating Your kids!  Who decides what is sustainable?  Not individuals! Agenda 21 Eco-World Marxism in Illinois EXPOSED!! WHO IS Sharp? She explains how joyfully Illinois established the tyranny of going green, with her help, but is she having second thoughts?? 20 million dollars ready to use!! In 1956 Paul Burkett wrote his paper “Towards a Read Green […]