The tragedy of climatism: Resource misuse on a global scale

by Steve Goreham

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At the same time, the theory of man-made warming appears increasingly shaky. Hundreds of studies show that Earth was warmer 1,000 years ago than it is today. Water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is Earth’s dominant greenhouse gas.

Arctic sea ice recently reached a 30-year low, but Antarctic Sea ice is near a 30-year high. More than double the polar bears roam the Arctic today than in 1960.

History shows that droughts, floods and storms are neither more frequent nor more severe than in past decades. Sea levels are rising at only about 7‒8 inches per century. Global temperatures have not risen for more than ten years, contrary to predictions by the leading climate models.

The tragedy of Climatism is a misuse of resources on a vast scale. Over $250 billion is spent each year in a futile effort to decarbonize or twice the amount of global foreign aid. The world spent over $1 trillion in the last ten years and is on track to spend another trillion in the next four years in a fight against a climate change phantom.

At the same time, real life and death problems need to be addressed. According to United Nations figures, 25,000 people die from hunger-related issues each day.

More than one billion people try to survive on less than $1.25 per day. Two and a half billion lack adequate sanitation, 1.4 billion lack electricity and almost one billion lack clean drinking water.

Every year, two million die from AIDS. Almost one million die from tuberculosis. Malaria, pneumonia and diarrheal diseases kill millions more.

Suppose we reallocate the billions spent in the foolish fight against global warming toward solving the real problems of humankind?

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2 thoughts on “The tragedy of climatism: Resource misuse on a global scale

  1. Human-caused global warming and climate change is not a theory. it is a model. Theories require extensive evidence and the elimination of other possible explanations. None of this has been done in the case of AGW. Even if the majority of scientists agree that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere should result in higher global temperatures, acidification of the oceans, and accelerated climate change, it does not follow that these things will happen because the Earth’s system is much more complex than our present understanding. We do not have much knowledge when it comes to forcings and feedbacks. So far, the twelve climate models used worldwide have failed to make even close predictions. We have have no significant warming since the massive El Nino event in 1998. No model can explain that at present. Climate science has a long way to go.

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