Illinois, “Agenda 21” EXPOSED!!!!

Indoctrinating Your kids!  Who decides what is sustainable?  Not individuals!

Agenda 21 Eco-World Marxism in Illinois EXPOSED!! WHO IS Sharp? She explains how joyfully Illinois established the tyranny of going green, with her help, but is she having second thoughts??

20 million dollars ready to use!!

In 1956 Paul Burkett wrote his paper “Towards a Read Green Political Economy” about Marxism. Then in 1957, legislation directed the first mandates for “conservation education” in Illinois, according to the HJR45 house Joint Resolution 45 LEEDS Task Force report.


PAGE 53…

Today the push is on, fueled by stimulus funds, a red/green president and a red/green Governor, and Common Core, red/green curriculum, our public schools are now being dragged in where our community colleges were drug in last year into brainwashing, and confusing our children into being good soviets.

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