Bloomington: You deserve reports!

By: Diane Benjamin’ I think the Grossinger Motors naming rights expire next year. It was a 5 year agreement in June of 2017. Expect something really original like Bloomington Arena to replace it. Of course that means new signage. Maybe the City can just paint the name on the building instead (don’t hold your breath). […]

Unit 5, Dr. Shelvin, and the cost of Equity

By: Diane Benjamin Is Equity better at Unit 5 schools since Dr. Shelvin was hired for the 2021-2022 School year? Question: What happened to the kids who participated in the restroom destruction challenge they saw on TikTok? Did they get Equity? Did the taxpayers get Equity? Did the kids that didn’t participate see Equity and […]

Huge Crowd at Unit 5 last night

By: Diane Benjamin Proving yet again local government has no respect for religion, the Unit 5 School Board held a meeting on a Wednesday night during lent. Churches don’t do Lenten services anymore? Mine does. The video claims this meeting lasted until 2:43 this morning. 75 people signed up for Public Comment. Not everyone stuck […]

Bloomington Election Commission Must GO

By: Diane Benjamin I recently filed a FOIA request with the Bloomington Election Commission. In case you missed this story, the COUNTY pays the bills for Bloomington’s Election Commission: Bloomington Proved BEC is a WASTE of Money   The only thing this office does is elections. There might be three elections this year, there might […]

GOP accountability is working: Preston and Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin Normal Town Council meetings are supposed to fixed in advance. Trustees know they are expected to vote YES on everything, after all staff is PROFESSIONAL. Representing taxpayers is shunned, staff is always right. Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston actually chose to act conservative last night. I wonder if both are afraid of […]

The Chemberly Chronicles

By: Diane Benjamin At last night’s Council meeting Chemberly Cummings was wearing a mask because she was sick. She took it off to speak because Chris Koos couldn’t hear her. The plastic dividers were gone, COVID is officially over since 6 feet apart isn’t happening anymore at Normal Council meetings. Start with this short clip […]

I TOLD You Normal:

By: Diane Benjamin Proving yet again everything is Normal is fixed before Council meetings take place: The Town is going to pass the budget and then raise Water Rates! What is the Water Rate increase doesn’t pass? Won’t that affect the budget Normal? It is guaranteed to pass, Koos and Reece counted noses and they […]

More reason Rodney Davis needs retired

By: Diane Benjamin See these two links: Rodney Davis joined Adam Kinzinger to support DACA amnesty Rodney Davis supports Red Flag gun confiscation Good in theory, until government starts confiscating guns.     President Trump has endorsed Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) for re-election in Illinois’ 15th District. Mary and her husband Chris run a third-generation […]

Update: EV’s, Rivian, and Lithium

WGLT is reporting Rivian won’t raise the price for existing customers because of the back lash. Losing money on every vehicle sold is better? The Rivian stock price is still down today By: Diane Benjamin This story is more about interesting things you should know than anything else. Start with this story: Automotive […]

Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin Rivian raised the price of their midsize electric pickup by 20%, $94,000+. People are canceling orders. I wonder if the Town of Normal will cancel their order? TWO candidates aren’t running in the District they live in: Scott Preston (91st) and Kyle Ham (105th). They are searching for the voters they […]

And now for some comedy:

By: Diane Benjamin At the last Normal Town Council meeting Stan Nord asked about the One Voice trip – $1600 each for 3 people, not including air fare. He asked why the meetings can’t be done virtually. The three from Normal will be meeting in person with representatives from this area, other meetings will be […]

Crabill wants reparations

By: Diane Benjamin This is a must watch video, it shows what representatives you get when everybody else is too busy to run for office: Jeff wants people who never had slaves to compensate people who never were slaves. His attitude towards blacks makes it sound like they aren’t capable of succeeding because of continuing […]

Bloomington proved BEC is a waste of money

By: Diane Benjamin Presenting the budget continued last night at the 3 hour City Council meeting. Below is part of a slide that was presented: The Bloomington Election Commission wants $550,000 more this year. No one at the Bloomington Election Commission is elected. They have directors that are appointed by a judge. It appears they […]