Unit 5 video:

By: Diane Benjamin

See this story for context: https://blnnews.com/2022/03/02/unit-5-and-equity/

There was actually only one introductory video, Unit 5 gave me access. It is 1 minute and forty seconds that says almost nothing. So you don’t have to request access I taped it for you. The original quality is almost this bad:

The speaker is Dr. Kristal Shelvin, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

There is nothing that should be a secret on the video, it doesn’t qualify to be exempt under FOIA.

The properties on the original video are pretty funny:

An employee of the District thinks she owns the video created with assets taxpayers bought. She doesn’t want it downloaded either? Why is that Kristal? Planning to move on to another district and take this stuff with you?







6 thoughts on “Unit 5 video:

  1. I feel horrible for our next generation. They have no chance if this is what they are learning in the classroom. Why haven’t any of our conservative leaders stood up to this madness. I miss the old days where we left politics out of the classroom. 😦


  2. We need more conservative leadership in this town. Clearly none of ours is doing anything to stop CRT in our schools. Our children and grandchildren are doomed if this is what is being taught. KEEP POLITICS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN


  3. Keep is mind Unit 5 is trying to make up a $14 million structural deficit. They are looking at cutting at least 40 teaching positions and that barely makes a dent. This woman is a new hire and I doubt she’ll be part of the cuts.


      1. Exactly! This just shows where Unit 5’s priorities are and it’s not with students and their education. A large portion of this debt is interest on their bonds. Certain board members and the former superintendent decided to run the school district using a high interest credit card. They’re now calling for a referendum to raise our property tax again. The real referendum needs to be with the board members who got us into this mess.

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