Crabill wants reparations

By: Diane Benjamin

This is a must watch video, it shows what representatives you get when everybody else is too busy to run for office:

Jeff wants people who never had slaves to compensate people who never were slaves. His attitude towards blacks makes it sound like they aren’t capable of succeeding because of continuing oppression. Critical Race Theory Jeff? Have you asked any successful blacks how they feel about your compensation plans?

How is Jeff going to determine who descended from slaves and who didn’t? Not every black person did. Are descendants of those who fought for the north and died or were disabled to free the slaves going to be compensated too Jeff? Are you ever going to admit the policies to keep black from succeeding were done by Democrats? You complained about history being suppressed, here’s your chance to correct it Jeff.

Crabill claims he was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt under his City jacket. Does Jeff know the leadership of BLM are all missing along with and estimated $60,000,000? They are a self-proclaimed Marxist organization, this is who you support Jeff? What have they done for blacks beside promoting anarchist behavior?

Heartland is doing reparations, see this slide:

That is from the presentation they did at the Council meeting last night. That grant is your tax dollars at work. Yes, they will pay participants $200 @ week be trained. Remember when Heartland would never need a campus and tuition would always be very affordable?

I expect a full report after 1 year of this program. How many got a certificate? How many are working? How many dropped out and after how long?

After the presentation Nick Becker told them not to rely on State funding in the future. He stated he knowns local businesses would be willing to fund the program since they are desperate for trained workers.

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) is also offering scholarships to people who want to work:

Just hit Play to hear the Heartland presentation. Jeff’s seat is up for election next year. Do better Ward 8.

12 thoughts on “Crabill wants reparations

  1. The Craybill video was breaking up so I’m not sure what he said but my question is simple-

    What is the purpose of reparations? Its important to know.

    Are they a punitive discipline against evil white America or are they a way to fast track black America to success like affirmative action was suppose to?

    In both cases when will we know that the payments have done their job?
    If after a few years we see that things haven’t changed in black America what will we do? Increase payments?
    Or because ALL white Americans are “advantaged” should we not just force them ALL to give some portion of their income to black America, like a tax? Regardless of the fact that many black Americans earn more than whites?

    At some point, for all of this to end, black America will need to forgive the past sins of white America. Maybe white America could ask for forgiveness for what their forefathers did, if that would help any.
    Unless forgiveness is asked for and given, reparations, bad relations will just continue to escalate as nothing changes for the black communities. We will always be two nations, white and black, good and bad. Especially if we implement to reparations.


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