Remember the post: Make Sure You Are Calm? UPDATE

Check the receipts!  Some show tax, some show exempt.   By:  Diane Benjamin Read the original post here: I had some help from an outraged reader, Kevin Gerrard, on a Freedom of Information Act request.  All the meals came from PCard charges, similar to a debit card but the City just gets a statement […]

Stealing YOUR voice

By:  Diane Benjamin Is American History still taught?  Evidently it’s been re-written to reflect mob rule instead of a Representative Republic.  After all, the government is supposed to reflect the will of the people! Mob rule has come to Bloomington.  Bike lanes are painted on the streets (the roads that aren’t crumbling) because the McLean […]

Make sure you are calm before reading. . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari loves to call people he wants to vilify: “they are off their meds” Sorry, but you may need “meds” after seeing how your tax dollars are spent. Government loves to control what us little people eat, but they feed themselves pizza, doughnuts, and deserts and send the bill to you. […]

Send in the Clowns!

by:  Diane Benjamin The 3 stooges (previously used to describe City leadership) isn’t enough people.  Therefore the non-numerical term “Clowns” will now be used. “Lighting the Evergreen Tree in Withers Park” : It’s a CHRISTMAS TREE City of Bloomington!  Okay, it’s really the Downtown Bloomington Association doing this, but they get most of their money from […]

Renner’s “friends of government” handouts

By: Diane Benjamin If you contributed to Renner’s campaign for Mayor you are doing well! The unions got massive increases in pension funding – the Council was set up and fell for plans needing tax increases to succeed.  More increases coming. At least one campaign contributor has art for sale in the Mayor’s office Rob […]

Fly on the Wall: What if?

From Fruin’s bio on the City website: Jim has been very involved in the community, serving in several leadership positions with Illinois State University, Holy Trinity Church and Schools, Central Catholic High School, the McLean County Economic Development Council, the Bloomington/Normal Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Community Health Care Clinic, and currently as a […]

The Gang that can’t shoot straight: $750,000

By:  Diane Benjamin One overlooked fact:  Central Catholic is NOT in Bill Brady’s District!  They are represented by Jason Barickman. Local City government loves back room deals, no risk of exposure since they are cozy with most of the press.  You won’t see the Pantagraph breaking news of corruption, in fact they cover it up. […]

Fazzini, Paradigm, you paid

By:  Diane Benjamin Rob Fazzini resigned from the Bloomington City Council effective September 3rd.  He resigned to be President of Paradign BioAviation, a firm that wanted both Normal and Bloomington to pay them to haul off their garbage.  By now you know a joint Council session dashed all hopes of this project coming together here. […]

More proof of NO football

by:  Diane Benjamin The following is from this site: More details in this post: See the second column under Rumors.  Bloomington is listed as Up For Sale AND Bad Checks.  Click on the picture to enlarge. . . . .  

Bloomington City Council feeding their face on your dime

(Food was planned for the now cancelled retreat too!) Source: BLOOMINGTON, IL. (ECWd) – People wonder why taxes keep rising while their living conditions deteriorate. Here is one of those reasons. On the agenda for the Monday night’s Special Meeting (Oct 13, 2014), that states it will start at 5:00 p.m., is a comment […]

It’s a BIG deal Tari!

by:  Diane Benjamin About the cancelled City Council retreat: Mayor Renner had every intention of holding an illegal meeting, until he got caught.  The Pantagraph has an article on-line that will be in tomorrow’s paper.  Alderwoman Stearns, who the Pantagraph obviously contacted for a comment, is ridiculed by Mayor Renner.  He just wants to sweep […]

Do you appreciate being lied to?

by:  Diane Benjamin See this link from earlier today: Look carefully at the number of employees. 2000      542  Total employees 2011       595   Total employees Yes, the City did shed jobs during the recession – after they exploded the total number! I’ve got more facts for you.  All of […]

Covering for David Hales

by:  Diane Benjamin The pieces are falling into place.  Last year Alderwoman Stearns filed an Open Meetings Act violation against the City of Bloomington for discussions that took place in Executive Session – those secret meetings citizens aren’t suppose to know about.  To be fair, there are some things that must be discussed secretly, but […]

Coliseum: Settlement, $ changed, stooges

by:  Diane Benjamin Less than 2 weeks ago the cost to repair the Coliseum parking garage was $1,098,836.  The Council approved a contract for repairs: Item 7A. Analysis of Bids and Approval of Contract with Structural Preservation Systems, LLC, for Pepsi Ice Center Parking Structure Repairs. Motion by Alderman Schmidt, seconded by Alderman Black […]

Lawsuit Update

by:  Diane Benjamin Here’s the status: – I filed a  compliant against the City of Bloomington siting 5 batches of emails that were either denied or redacted.  I believe the City violated the Freedom of Information Act passed by the Illinois General Assembly to insure open and honest government in Illinois.  (yes, I understand the […]

Coliseum: Lies and more Lies

by:  Diane Benjamin Here is the August Calendar for events at the Coliseum: Look at the other months too while you are there.  ISU Hockey used to play at the Pepsi Ice Center, not many fans attended.  The stands are NOT going to be filled with paying customers when the games are in the […]

Coliseum: Sit Down Shut Up

by:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington management now wants YOU to know nothing about the Coliseum.  Luckily there is a lot of evidence they can’t hide.  The Smokehouse grill will not be opening for lunch after closing for the summer.  The calendar of events is on the Coliseum website.  Very few events are scheduled […]

Fly on the Wall: City Pay-Day loans

The buzz about the Bloomington City employee(s) who wrote checks and took cash from the City till is this:  YOU weren’t suppose to know about it. It appears somebody spilled the beans on the City to WJBC.  Not sure why WJBC, seems a strange place to rat. The real questions are: Did the whistle-blower try the […]

Why City projects must continually be re-done

by:  Diane Benjamin I’m noticing a pattern.  The same roads must be resurfaced frequently.  A 7-year-old parking garage is falling apart.  The west side fire station, that has never been used, leaks. The pattern is showing itself again at tonight’s Council meeting.  Work needs to be done at Evergreen Lake.  Only 1 bid was received. […]

Is the Coliseum open for business?

by:  Diane Benjamin Look at the schedule of events for the Coliseum: June: Highschool graduation 3 day Jehovah Witness convention 2 day Lomis Brothers Circus July: Chris Tomin/Brandon Health Feast Bash August: Crossfit Competition September: 2 ISU Hockey games 1 Thunder Hockey game October: 7 ISU Hockey games 4 Thunder Hockey games How is […]

I got my flamingo – now the WAR

by:  Diane Benjamin As I previously reported, Aldermen Sage and Schmidt decided staff are leaving the City of Bloomington because of the Council.  See this post: Sage and Schmidt no longer represent the citizens of their Wards.  The same goes for the other potted plants who would jump off a cliff if David Hales […]

Destroying the future-Bloomington UPDATE

The Council voted 7-2 to approve $60,000 for the next 12 months – another consultant for economic development.  Evidently the City gets lots of call from entrepreneurs who know nothing about running a business,  this group will help them. So to recap:  The City gives the local Economic Development Council (EDC) $100,000 per year, pays […]

David Hales is doing his job?

by:  Diane Benjamin David Hales loves to tout their “CLEAN AUDITS”.  FYI David:  Dixon Illinois had “Clean Audits” too – while they lost over $50,000,000 to an employed thief.  Clean Audits mean very little, especially when the Auditor sees potential problems and the City does nothing to correct them. From the 2010 Auditor’s letter to […]

More Executive Session – Secrets

by:  Diane Benjamin The minutes of the Executive Session held during the retreat last November offer interesting insight into what Bloomington’s Mayor, City Manager and Alderman are thinking.  Remember, this was a secret meeting.  Usually the Council votes to keep these minutes a secret because they don’t want you to know what they say.  See […]

How expensive is living in Bloomington-Normal?

by:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner loves to compare taxes in Bloomington-Normal with surrounding cities.  He loves saying the City get only 24% of the local real estate taxes.  Is Bloomington a cheap place to live? Maybe he should see this link: This is a ranking of cities across the country.  Bloomington ranks 153rd on […]


by:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington residents:  Your taxes will be going up tonight. Council members who said they would never vote for this or that will.  The potted plants will do as they are told. Attend tonight’s meeting or watch it live on-line.  Any opposition to tax increases will be vilified and discussion cut off.   […]

Bloomington: Pension Funding Reality

by:  Diane Benjamin A big part of the Bloomington Budget discussion has been pension funding.  In November the City Council adopted an aggressive funding plan to save money in later years.  The chart below shows the problem.  The numbers come from this link: Page 250.  The Police and Fire pension funds were the worst funded. […]

Bloomington: Budget thoughts from last night

by:  Diane Benjamin It was more than obvious the Bloomington City Council members weren’t listening to each other.  Mayor Renner didn’t want to hear about prioritizing spending.  The have a May1st deadline, no time to look at the big picture.  For another year the citizens will be funding Quality of Life while the actual job […]

Bloomington Budget: Mental midgets

by:  Diane Benjamin City Manager David Hales released a revised budget: 11 (ELEVEN) pages are dedicated to raising the gas tax.  Instead of comparing the gas taxes in cities all over Illinois, here’s all they need to know 1)  Current gas prices are over $3.50 a gallon again 2) The last 5 year history […]

Hales finally proposes CUTS!

by:  Diane Benjamin I never understood why Mayor Renner ran to every media outlet blaming the City Council for not proposing their own budget or cuts to the existing budget.  The Council hires City Manager David Hales to manage the city.  He gets paid A LOT of money while the Council gets less than $6000 […]

More you should know about Coliseum Hockey

by:  Diane Benjamin If the Bloomington City Council doesn’t void the contract with Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) for violating the terms, this could be who they are bringing in: And this is the group I was told by two sources would be the ownership group of the USHL Bloomington entry.  One helluva group, for sure.   […]