Coliseum: Lies and more Lies

by:  Diane Benjamin

Here is the August Calendar for events at the Coliseum:

Look at the other months too while you are there.  ISU Hockey used to play at the Pepsi Ice Center, not many fans attended.  The stands are NOT going to be filled with paying customers when the games are in the Coliseum.  CIAM will get their 4% commission though from anybody who does pay to attend.

Back to August and that ONE event:  Crossfit Competition.

How many people paid to attend ?  The City of Bloomington put out NEWS the Coliseum expects a profit by the end of the year.  Exactly how? Making money requires giving people something they want to pay for.  Evidently Crossfit wasn’t one of them.  Not much else is on the calendar.

See all the fans for yourself.  BIG money-maker for the taxpayers CIAM!

cf1I wonder where those financial statements CIAM is required to produce every month are?

Mayor Transparency?

2 thoughts on “Coliseum: Lies and more Lies

  1. I bet this was a $35,000 economic impact to the community that will be highlighted in the next report. Maybe more!

  2. I know! Let’s spend a few million dollars fixing a broken parking deck that is rarely needed! Hahahahaha,,,if not so sad, it would be funny.

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