The Comedy Club you don’t have to pay to see!

By: Diane Benjamin Attention Mayor Mboka: You don’t have a right to limit speech! Read up, Urbana just paid attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit against them for doing exactly what you did last night: The comment Mboka objected to starts at 25:29. The lady could be called clueless, combative, obnoxious, and probably other […]

A Water Park was shoved through, Is the Library next?

By: Diane Benjamin Last week I was at the Tri-Valley High School. They recently finished a renovation that included a new library. I was shocked to see what was missing: BOOKS. The library had some books but not shelf-covered walls normally associated with a library. My tour guide told me the kids don’t read books […]

Bloomington Police will lose money

By: Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council will vote to ratify a contract with the police that provides 2.5% raises for 3 years. Because of inflation that 2.5% will not keep up with the cost of living. The out of control spending in DC and Democrats war on fossil fuels will keep […]

Update: More Fake News from WGLT State Farm backs Aaron Rodger! Good for them, bad for WGLT. By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader The only reason I started writing almost 10 years ago was because journalism is dead. If stories aren’t purposely not covered to protect fellow democrats, words are twisted to make the consumer believe something that never happened. […]

Monday bills: Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin I finally got tired of waiting for the BCPA to publish event reports. I filed a FOIA for them today. From Bills and Payroll: BCPA shows: What is the Coliseum still costing you? Only INTEREST is being paid on Monday. Maybe the financial statements will have more details. Below are bond […]

PAGE still not found

By: Diane Benjamin The web page where the Illinois Department of Public Health reports breakthrough COVID hospitalizations and deaths has been down again for many days. The numbers are supposed to be updated every Wednesday. Don’t bother calling the number on the screen, they will provide a number in Chicago. That office in Chicago will […]

No More Wind Farms McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin Another company is trying to blight the country with oil filled wind turbines. The only winner with new fields is Wall Street since they grab the tax credits. Turbines will never create enough electricity to replace coal in Illinois, they will increase the cost of electricity however. Most jobs created are temporary! […]

Your chance to prove Koos doesn’t care what you think:

By: Diane Benjamin There is a vacancy on Normal’s Uptown Design Review Commission: Remember when the Connect Transit seat was not filled for I think 2 years? Appointees have to do Koos’s bidding, maybe he’s having trouble finding people. Apply anyway if you are interested! Rejected by the mayor is a badge of honor. […]

Unit 5 – last meetings public comments

By: Diane Benjamin I went to the District 87 meeting last week because their meetings aren’t on video. Unit 5 meetings are, I’m just now getting to their Public Comment. Please note: Public Comment will likely not change your elected officials mind. It is for the public because it proves other people think the same […]

Pam Reece grants a no interest loan

By: Diane Benjamin At the Normal Town Council meeting on October 18, 2021 a bill was approved labeled remediation. The amount was $23,250. I received the whole story by FOIA. The police were asked to do a wellness check by a neighbor on 3/27/2021. The neighbor was concerned because mail was piling up and the […]

Too late Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington’s year end was 4/30/2021. The financial statements have yet to be released. If they were a corporation with investors they would all be fired, but they are government so it’s fine. Luckily they also have to submit information to the Illinois Comptroller’s office. Bloomington’s information is available there! […]

McLean County Justice Committee:

By: Diane Benjamin September numbers from Justice Committee packet for tomorrow, year to date numbers compiled by me: The County is going to sign an agreement with a collection agency to collect unpaid court fines. They might want to re-think how they abbreviate the company name: (anybody surprised they are an Illinois corporation?) (If […]

Ethics missing in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin From this story about Chemberly Cummings campaigning with tax dollars: One of the people getting paid with tax dollars is a former campaign intern for Chemberly. I wonder if that’s why Mallory’s $500 is called a “stipend” while the other person’s $500 is called “mentor”. Malloy didn’t get paid for being […]