Fun in Normal last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Since the agenda was very slim last night it gave the Council time to stray where they normally don’t. The entire meeting was still less than an hour.

At the October 18th meeting Chemberly Cummings proved she is the last person who should be teaching kids about government. She claimed the Trustees can not question who the mayor wants to appoint. She used her degree in Political Science to justify her stance.

Keep in mind, the public never knows in advance who the mayor wants to appoint. In Chemberly’s world the mayor could stack every board and commission with communists and she would still vote yes.

Last night Stan Nord wanted to clarify the policy. Koos had another appointment that Stan never got to talk to, so he voted no on the appointment. He stated he needs to be an informed voter and he wasn’t allowed to do that.

See the clip below. Stan even asked the Town lawyer is they had to vote “yes”, he stated they didn’t. The mayor also chimed in, he didn’t care that Stan wanted to make an informed vote – nobody has ever cared before according to Koos.

There was one Public Comment at the end of the meeting, at least he didn’t have to sit there for hours waiting to talk. The guy was upset because of an incident with his 14 year old son while getting ready to “act” for a scene on the Haunted Trail. His scene was of Hannibal Lector eating a police officer. The make-up lady refused to do a bloody officer and stated “Blue Lives Matter”. The speaker thought politics shouldn’t have been used to refuse doing makeup.

I wonder who thought that scene was appropriate on Constitution Trail! If you saw it please comment with your thoughts.

Chemberly Cummings wins first place for her Trustee comment at the end of the meeting. Earlier Stan Nord questioned the expenses for her Youth on a Mission group. Pam Reece stated no other payments would be made to her two assistants.

See the original posting on the Town of Normal website here:

That page is no longer on the Town website. If you read it you will not see any references to the National League of Cities laying out the program Cummings is using. Last night her and Pam Reece claimed the program is patterned from NLC. I think they are catching flack and attempting to deflect.

Nord also questioned the $50,000 for the Children’s Discovery Museum. He wanted clarification on what taxpayers fund and what the CDM Foundation funds.

Chemberly used her time to attack Stan for daring to question expenses for kids. She did it all with a smirky smile because she was playing to the far left. Thinking people know Stan Nord is right to question expenses, he is the only one who will.

If you are dying to watch the entire meeting, click below.

5 thoughts on “Fun in Normal last night

  1. If the town appointed the local communists i guarantee they would turn the council chambers and building into a library and make the council hold its meetings in a drab room instead of the opulence koos has built for himself. his huddle corner with the million dollar view could of housed and fed so many people.

  2. Koos and company should pay attention to the news. Last night should be a lesson on what happens when liberals tick off the voting public. Then again it’s Illinois and in Illinois the dead and the alive liberals always win.

  3. Why do Katlyn Lorenz and Scott Preston back all this liberal garbage? I never understood what a RINO was until I started paying attention to what is going on in Normal.

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