Connect Transit million a month plan

By: Diane Benjamin

Another 1 month loss of over $1,000,000

Every ride on a bus costs $5.36, at least it is down from $6.42 last year

Every ride on Connect Mobility cost $46.06, again down from $52.37 last year

Both services together had 60,458 more rides than last year. That proves again, the more riders they have the more money they lose. Brilliant management!

PDF page 23:

Luckily this bill hasn’t passed, it should never pass:

7 thoughts on “Connect Transit million a month plan

  1. This makes me furious every month when I read this, however I appreciate you putting this information out there and continuing to rub salt in this never healing wound.

  2. I would bet that most of the folks working for this organization are vaccinated. With that being said, it may not be common sense that shuts this money black hole down. In six months will they have a staff large enough and healthy enough to operate it? I guess we will see.

  3. So when it was stated at the last Bloomington City Council Meeting, by Trustee Jamie Mathy, that Connect Transit gave away two busses, I almost fainted. Connect Transit has nothing TO giveaway. They only exist at the benevolence of the most generous taxpayers! Those busses weren’t theirs to give away! Is Jamie Mathy that ignorant?

  4. CT could care less about its riders or mission of serving those most in need. It exists to feed the egos of the ideologues in power and the trough feeding vendors who pander to big government at Chamber and EDC events and most likely couldn’t sell anything on their own if their life depended on it.

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