BEC’s New Director

By: Diane Benjamin

It took a long time for the Bloomington Election Commission to name a new Executive Director, the last one quit in May. I’d still like to know why Tim Mitchell quit suddenly and why it took so long to replace him. Did they have trouble finding a qualified applicant?

The new Executive Director is Suzanne Fahnestock.

She is perfect for the job because she has already been through abolishing an Election Commission by vote of the citizens:

Dupage County voters eliminated her office and transferred duties to the County Clerk. The same things should happen to the Bloomington Election Commission. All BEC does is cause confusion and duplicate voter services that costs citizens money.

If you read the story, Fahnestock also has experience with voting machines changing votes. She sounds perfect for the job at BEC. They have a history of ballot problems.

Abolishing BEC should be back on the ballot, it is a waste of time and money. Closing BEC would also free up space at the Government Center. Duplicate staff, BEC just for elections, is a waste of precious resources.

Who is too chicken to put it on the ballot again?

There will be a different Constitutional Amendment on November’s ballot. Instead of fixing Illinois’ pension problems with an Amendment for overtaxed citizens, democrats want the authority of law to hand more rights to unions. Besides banning RIGHT TO WORK, it does more. Below is a brief summary from the Illinois Policy Institute:

In about a year – on Nov. 8, 2022 – Illinoisans will head to their polling places to consider the fate of a relatively little-known proposal called Amendment 1. So what does it do?

It guarantees higher taxes and debt. It makes Illinois home to even less-responsive government at a higher cost. Government union bosses have sold the amendment as a right-to-work ban, but in reality Amendment 1 would give those union bosses more power than either voters or lawmakers have – forever.

The proposal would remove any limits on what government unions can demand and what state and local governments can give away. It carries no requirement to pay for new costs. Commonsense guardrails or limits on spending – normal in many other states – would be unconstitutional.

We have a year to educate voters. Start telling them Amendment 1 further fleeces the hard working overtaxed citizens of Illinois. Democrats should be ashamed.

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4 thoughts on “BEC’s New Director

  1. So apparently Bloomington gets DuPage Counties criminal leftovers. I wonder how they convinced her to move down here? $$$$$$

  2. I agree Mitchell’s quick departure is fishy. I say this because in communications I had with him about my vote in the last presidential election I was told that records showed my “mail in vote” was counted when I had not voted by mail. He corrected that statement later saying something about lists. Who knows.

    1. “I am showing that you voted early. All the ballots that were put into the ballot box at our early voting locations were counted.” Tim Mitchell

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