Monday bills: Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

I finally got tired of waiting for the BCPA to publish event reports. I filed a FOIA for them today.

From Bills and Payroll:

BCPA shows:

What is the Coliseum still costing you? Only INTEREST is being paid on Monday. Maybe the financial statements will have more details. Below are bond payments up for approval Monday:

Starting on PDF page 106 is a long list of “lease” principle and interest payments totaling $231,610. That is just for one month. “Leases” began when the City decided years ago they needed things they couldn’t pay cash for. They seem to be having trouble stopping the credit card.

Unlike you, government doesn’t have to worry about credit card debt, they know where to get more money.

3 thoughts on “Monday bills: Bloomington

  1. You missed a few, move down 2 lines and you will see the world “rink” in right below that “garage”. Those are the interest payments for the ice rink and the attached garage!

  2. City allocated $3M this year toward lease payments to reduce credit balance. Finance Department plans to continue that practice.

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