Fly on the Wall: Local School Districts

Flying around I over-heard talk of big raises for staff using the COVID dollars. At least one districts thinks they found a loophole in how the money can be spent.

I wonder who they think is going to pay bloated salaries when that money runs out?

Maybe staff wants combat pay, today at BHS:

6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Local School Districts

  1. The guidelines or loop holes for use of the ESSER funds are VERY broad. Hiring or retaining a diverse workforce is big on their list. Actually the guidelines read more like a CRTeaching document than something related to Covid relief and prevention of future pandemic affects.
    Make no mistake these billions of dollars will be used to advance the woke ideology.

    They give examples of the approved use of funds from other states in the Illinois guidelines on pg 40.


    Building anti-racist school cultures requires educators to shift the way they plan, instruct, and assess student learning; build the climate to accelerate student progress rather than remediate; utilize authentic, productive diagnostic assessments to guide and engage learners; and employ Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which embeds Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Culturally Responsive (CRE) practices to support students both virtually and in person. Educators must prioritize enduring concepts of content by narrowing standards to those most critical for student success in the next skill, course, or grade.

  2. This stuff was happening back in the mid-1970’s. I can remember back in 1973 or 74 when both the high school and junior high were let out early in order to avoid the promised race riot from the minorities attending then. Even though preventive measures were taken, minorities at the school went looking for any white person to beat up. Back then, everyone knew the families and last names also associated with the upheaval. Some are the same now that like to claim they are the new community leaders among those populations. Most of this garbage now is because of the garbage written on social media. That said, fistfights in D87 or Unit Five are nothing new

      1. You must have not been at the right places at the right times. I remember the BHS race riot vividly. BJHS was like was like a training ground for juvenile delinquents during that time.

  3. I attended BHS in the early 2000s. This shenanigans occurred periodically back then. I remember rarely knowing who the students involved were. Not sure whether they were isolated to certain parts of the building due to patterns of bad behavior or were just frequent truants. Either way it was always a huge distraction. Get the hoodlums out of there.

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