Events for your calendar:

By: Diane Benjamin



American Legion Post 79 in LeRoy will have a 24 hour vigil on 11/11/2021.  They will post a Sentry every 30 minutes for 24 hours. The Sentry will walk the 21 paces as they do in Arlington Cemetery.  All Sentry’s have been trained by Sgt Kreeb from Fisher who was a Sentry in Arlington and trained the first women Sentry.

Starting at 12 noon on 11/11/2021 and running until noon 11/12/2021. They have a replica of the Tomb of the Unknown soldier there.  Starting off will be A WWII vet followed by a Korean War Vet.

Art Rodriguez


Chairman McLean County VAC




American Legion Post 79 with AMVETS Post 270 are sponsoring a FREE veterans family movie night at the LeRoy Princess Theatre.  Movie time is 2 PM.  A great time for Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts to get together for a FREE Movie before Thanksgiving..  The movie is a brand new release called “Ron’s Gone Wrong”

Plenty of FREE Parking in Leroy, and don’t forget there are plenty of places to eat afterwards.  

Art Rodriguez

Chairman McLean County VAC AMVETS

District IV Commander

American Legion Member



Chemberly Cummings:



January 13th: Petition circulation begins for next years election, file between March 7th and March 14th. Primary Election June 28th.

(Illinois representatives, Governor, National, County Board and Officials, Township, etc)

Yes, people running for office will be sloshing through snow to get signatures. Please assist your favorite candidates!

More information:

Abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission should be back on the ballot, I doubt it will be.

2 thoughts on “Events for your calendar:

  1. 100% AGREE – Abolish the Bloomington Election Commission (BEC)!

    The last time this item appeared on the ballot, I don’t recall the exact language, but the wording may have been a double-negative – whatever the wording, it was confusing to voters. Many voters said the language was confusing and they didn’t know if “yes” meant abolish or “No” meant abolish

    When working as an Election Judge – several residents are confused about the “separate” Bloomington Election Commission. The BEC creates confusion and provide no value to the City of Bloomington residents. They are a duplicate services and resources that are already in place at the County Clerk’s Office.

    There was a ballot error that occurred in the last election – the ballot error came out of the Bloomington Election Commission office. City of Bloomington voters were mailed a follow-up type of ballot. Several voters called the County Clerk’s Office to complain – WRONG OFFICE FOLKS!

    I don’t know the history of who had the “idea” to carve out the City of Bloomington voters and make another election office….but time to “wake-up” and realize we are all better with one consolidated election office at the McLean County Clerk’s Office.


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