Bloomington un-redacted some from FOIA

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: In the original FOIA multiple comments from attendees were redacted. Bloomington realized they were not correct in redacting negative comments about the training at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie Il, I now have un-redacted copies. The entire page below had been redacted. The last paragraph is fabulous. […]

Violating Municipal Code is fine, I bet both think it applies to you however.

By: Diane Benjamin Both Bloomington and Normal are meeting on a Federal Holiday Monday: Bloomington Committee of the Whole: Normal starts at 6:00 instead of 7:00: Bloomington municipal code: Normal municipal code:—Council-Meetings-and-Ordinances?bidId= Next time either tries to hold you accountable for violations of Municipal Code, ask them why violations are […]

Bloomington’s lack of transparency

By: Diane Benjamin Numerous Bloomington upper management police officers were sent to a 2 day training in Skokie Il. The training was called BRILL LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTION IN DEMOCRACY. “Democracy” is the first clue to this training. We aren’t a Democracy. The second clue is it was held at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education […]

New use for the Coliseum

By: Diane Benjamin FYI: The Council that hired Tim Gleason and that mayor are long gone. Gleason was hired to revitalize downtown because he revitalized Decatur’s (sort of). After 5:00 very little happens in the closed up downtown businesses. It is nothing like Bloomington’s downtown that exists for lawyers, people accused of crimes, homeless people, […]

Gleason thinks the Council works for him

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: Tim Gleason wasn’t at the meeting where hiring a federal lobbyist firm for $270,000 over 3 years was voted down. It wouldn’t have gone that direction if he had been there, he’s a master at changing the minds of council members. Tim Gleason is the employee of […]

Bloomington Incompetence!

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington failed at Live Streaming the meeting last night. There was no audio! The incompetence shown by City staff should make you wonder what else they are incompetent at doing. Below is this year’s budget for Information Technology. Almost $6 million and they can’t get a Live Stream to work in a […]

Bloomington Clarification

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the charge to Repairs and Maintenance pertaining to the License Plate Readers? I received an email from an officer wanting me to call him for an explanation. Since I prefer explanations in writing so they are useable, he put it in writing. That payment isn’t for Repairs or Maintenance. It […]

Remember when Bloomington bought License Plate Readers?

By: Diane Benjamin February 28, 2022: The actual name of the company is Flock Group Inc. The listed CEO, Garrett Langley, is the same guy who runs Flock Safety The “fixed cost” isn’t so fixed: The cameras haven’t even been installed a year yet and repairs aren’t covered? The fixed annual cost […]

Normal: You dodged a revealing bullet

By: Diane Benjamin Rachael Lund spent a lot of time collecting signatures to run for Normal Town Council. Then she withdrew because she is leaving the area. She saved me the trouble of posting stories like this one again: Lund is obviously far left. Not many signatures are needed to run for Bloomington Council. […]

Fly on the Wall: Tim Gleason

Overheard while flying around: Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason really wants the lobbyist the Council voted 5-4 not to hire. Money, money, money – never enough! Gleason wants a re-vote. The aldermen didn’t fall in line! Who is going to flip and change their vote? Does Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus still have a job? […]

Correction: What you’ve been waiting for: Danenberger

By: Diane Benjamin Correction: Early Voting starts February 23. I hate to throw the County Clerk’s office under the bus, but they had it listed wrong. It has been fixed. Since early voting starts February 1st, the below is what I know so far: From Danenberger’s LinkedIn page: This information is important so you have […]

Bloomington: $31.5 Trillion in debt is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: 806 Employees, remember when the City had 650? Maybe shows aren’t booked because you have to pay up first? Your cost for empty buses: Agenda: National debt is now $31.5 trillion. That doesn’t include all the unfunded liabilities that can never be paid. Our national security is […]

Returning to the scene of the crime

By: Diane Benjamin Since the City of Bloomington now running the Coliseum, click on that link and check out ticket prices. It almost looks like every couple of seats has a different price depending on where it is. It must be too difficult just to have a few different prices, this event needs tons […]

It’s official! Local elections are partisan

By: Diane Benjamin Colleen Reynolds wrote the WGLT article on the forum held last Saturday: She never says in the article where it turned partisan. Nice job Colleen. Are you offended the local GOP held the event only 2 far left candidates for Bloomington Council didn’t attend? Does Colleen think only WGLT should hold […]

Government Shutdown

By: Diane Benjamin Did anyone notice calamity because the Federal Government has now been shut down for the third day in a row? It shuts down every weekend, today is just a bonus day off for MLK day. Remember this shutdown when media starts screaming about DEFAULT if the debt ceiling isn’t increased. Tax dollars […]

6 Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Unit 5 is counting on low voter turnout to pass yet another attempt to raise your taxes – that’s after they already raised property taxes. These current School Board members want re-elected: Kelly Pyle Amy Roser Both were appointed in 2018, they are part of the problem. Unions will be running […]

23 minute Bloomington meeting

By: Diane Benjamin That 23 minutes includes the Pledge of Allegiance, Public Comment, and comments by the Mayor, Billy Tyus, and Jeff Crabill at the end of the meeting. Tim Gleason was absent but Julie Emig was finally back to representing her Ward. Nothing was pulled from the Consent Agenda. No questions were asked about […]

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Will someone ask Bloomington why they had 904 employees in mid December? Bloomington ended the year with 820 employees, still way over the previous numbers! COUNTY taxpayers are forced to fund the Bloomington Election Commission while having no oversight! This is taxation without representation because BEC doesn’t answer to anyone. Green […]

Bloomington recap

By: Diane Benjamin Julie Emig was absent again. Proving Covid is now no big deal, Tim Gleason attended by zoom from the other side of the wall. He stated he had direct exposure to Covid and didn’t want to sit next to other council members and possibly expose them. Remember when people were required to […]

Bloomington’s last meeting of the year:

By: Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: Who got the Gift Cards? How much was each worth? Meeting Agenda and documents: The Property Tax Levy will be approved and then a sure to be riveting presentation by Public Works: 2022 RoadWork Wrap-up. If the 2035 goal isn’t met it won’t matter. The City Manager […]

Bloomington Tax Hearing tonight!

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 4 Bloomington is projecting General Fund Reserves at the end of the year (4-30-2023) of: $34,494,213 PDF page 469: In case that number shows up too small to read, the projected General Fund Balance less than a year ago (4-30-2022) was: $24,296,676 That represents an increase in Reserves […]

Piranha everywhere!

By: Diane Benjamin Watch the fresh meat tossed in the water – it’s YOU. City of Bloomington, District 87, and Unit 5 are all holding property tax hearings because they want more of your money! What do all 3 of these have in common? Easy. The people who represent the citizens for all 3 are […]

Bloomington: Subverting government with Equality

By: Diane Benjamin There is a short version of the below going around social media, this is an 11 minute version. Democracy always ends in tyranny, that’s why America was created as a Republic instead. The video is from 1966 and nails what is happening today. Democracy wasn’t on the November ballot, authoritarianism was. TAKE […]

Bloomington tonight – short meeting

By: Diane Benjamin If nothing gets pulled from the Consent Agenda the only item remaining is the Finance Director’s Report and comments. On the Consent Agenda: The gift that can’t stop giving – Coliseum, it isn’t Grossinger Motors Arena anymore: Looks like the Market Street Garage isn’t going anywhere soon: $10.52 a square foot. Normal […]