Normal: Pam Reece gets a retroactive raise!

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night: Normal is paying the retro salary from last year’s budget: The population of Normal in 2019 was 54,742, a lot of the population are ISU students.  Even with ISU, Normal is a small town.  Bloomington’s City Manager earns $185,000 to run a larger city: Pam Reece’s contract expires […]

As seen on Facebook: Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin Democrat socialists are just regular socialists.  They want to shut down speech they don’t agree with.  The local clowns are no different.  Socialism is about government control and taking away your rights.  Of course it won’t apply to “their” rights. Please nominate Bernie Sanders so Trump can crush him.  Note how the […]

David Blumenshine endorsed over Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois taxed you more last year and Dan Brady helped the Democrats do it: Meanwhile the fiscal condition of Illinois continues to decline: Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem they have a spending and corruption problem! The only fix is to elect different people for Springfield. Illinois Family Action PAC […]

Why is Mike Matejka involved?

By:  Diane Benjamin Need proof Normal’s spending is to provide union jobs?   Keep reading.  When the private sector isn’t providing jobs, government is the only alternative. Mike Matejka is the Governmental Affairs Director, Great Plains Laborers District Council representing LiUNA locals in central Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Why is Mike Matejka arranging official […]

Koos: Citizen Derangement Syndrome?

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos posted this on Facebook: Other than bad grammer, this statement proves he is clueless.  He has not been paying attention to citizens because he doesn’t want to! Facts Chris: 1 Uptown Circle is a failure because of the ridiculous lease your previous Council approved to get the building built 1 […]

This will kill the sports complex!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Private Sector is always better than government run because private uses THEIR money.  Plans are better, spending is better, results are ALWAYS better. Last August I wrote about a private soccer complex being developed – S.K. Nord Fields: Millennium FC has now partnered with the Bloomington Warriors Lacrosse team.  Millennium […]

Normal: It just gets worse

By:  Diane Benjamin See the budget session documentation in this story: PDF page 100 – Administration Accomplishments: (Is the new Director of Innovation and Technology the reason video of meetings has failed THREE times.  The video of this budget session still has no sound for half of it.  What are they hiding?) Here’s why […]

If California can partner, why can’t Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin Title to a story in a newsletter to all City Managers who are members of ICMA – both Bloomington and Normal are: Santa Barbara Moves to Partner With County for Emergency Dispatch Services Quote: Santa Barbara hopes to save up to two minutes in response time by combining emergency dispatch services […]

Remember when Stan and Karyn voted NO to change Mitsubishi Mtwy to Rivian?

By:  Diane Benjamin The name change happened at the July 1, 2019 Normal Town Council meeting: Stan was not only worried about the cost to IDOT of changing the signs, but the ripple effect across many platforms – including GPS.  All of the homes and businesses had their addresses changed which meant they had […]

Too much fun

By:  Diane Benjamin The massive list of Normal’s spending for the last 3 years is a treasure trove of information.  It’s pretty easy to search for questionable spending like the ones below. I search for all expenses marked sponsor, comment with what you think.  I’m sure Normal thinks this is petty cash.  I call it […]

Pension Millionaires

By:  Diane Benjamin The below proves yet again why you should vote NO to the Democrats Constitutional Amendment for a progressive income tax.  Pensions Pensions Pensions! Below are the top 31 pensions being collected in Illinois.  Keep in mind, these people aren’t working for a dime they are currently receive.  An organization called Taxpayers United […]

Koos Does More Comedy

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Koos appeared on his favorite radio station last week.  He again mentioned spaces in Uptown that aren’t good for retail because parking in front of the door doesn’t exist.  Why did Normal build 3 parking garages and take away on street parking then Mayor? Read the story and listen to the interview […]

Bloomington: Eat, Drink, only missing weed

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington’s future has revolved around restaurants and alcohol for quite awhile.  The City loves the food and beverage taxes, a  lot of people here like eating and drinking out.  It’s a win-win except for the people locked in low wage jobs because few better exist. True to history, these items are on […]

Fly on the Wall: Chris Koos

Overheard while flying around: Chris Koos does not want to be mayor after next year.  He is trying to recruit Adam Nielsen instead.  Kevin McCarthy got thrown overboard.  Previous flights revealed rumors of McCarthy wanting to replacing Koos.   Stay tuned!             On previous flight previous flights

Connect Transit Investigated

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Human Rights Authority investigated complaints filed against Connect Transit. See the charges and conclusions here: The first complaint was:  Lack of ADA accessible bus stops for riders with a disability The Human Rights Authority found this charge violated The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (28 CFR 35) and […]

Normal’s latest debacle

By:  Diane Benjamin For this story I have some facts and some information from inside Normal.  The Town refuses to give me emails – they claim there are over 10,000.  Even when I gave them specific words like “problems” they couldn’t narrow my request.  The bills incurred tell much of the story – those I […]

Doug Fansler’s emails

By:  Diane Benjamin The January 21, 2020 meeting was pretty weird.  Activists made a presentation asking the Town of Normal to develop an emergency plan because of climate change.  At last Monday’s Council meeting Doug was the only public speaker, his topic was this group and getting qquestions answered about them.  See this story for […]

Nikita, where are you?

By:  Diane Benjamin Think back folks.  Nikita Richards accused Kathy Michael of voter suppression because the kids at ISU had to stand in lines.  Prediction:  The kids will show up to vote in November right before the polls close and Nikita will complain again about voter suppression at ISU. BUT, Nikita hasn’t said a word […]

The emails WGLT didn’t use from Stan

By:  Diane Benjamin On January 14, 2020 I received a tip that WGLT sent a FOIA to the Town of Normal for all communication regarding Stan Nord’s W. College property.  I then FOIA’d WGLT’s FOIA. On January 22, 2020 WGLT did this story: The letter WGLT used in their second story on January 31, 2020 […]

Normal’s Long Nightmare is almost over, but first there is Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin Marc Tiritilli has announced he is running again for mayor.  The local media apparently is ignoring it, Peoria isn’t: If only twelve more people had voted for Marc three years ago the citizen’s fleece and Koos ignoring the will of the people would already be over. Obviously the current mayor is […]