Continuing on Normal’s Budget Session

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the entire Budget Session document in this story:

PDF page 98 lists the Town accomplishments for the year.  Not a one of them references saving taxpayers money!  How impressed are you?


On the same page is the plans for the future – spend – tax – spend and implement a plan devised years ago:


Taxpayers are running out of time to change the “planners”.  2021 can’t come soon enough!

On PDF page 99 is how much the Council costs taxpayers.  Since the “staff” already has a 5 year budget planned out for you, why did the Council need a raise?

page 99 council expense

3 thoughts on “Continuing on Normal’s Budget Session

  1. Essentially the Uptown plan will continue regardless of what the long term residents of Normal want or the net exodus.

    I don’t see things changing until the only ones left in Normal are government employees. Politicians don’t seem to even have the guts to tell staff NO.

  2. Their listed ‘Accomplishments’ only include 3 that could be considered actual accomplishments, and 7 of 8 brag of taxing or forcing additional expenses onto taxpayers, or giving away taxpayer money. If your goal is to et and keep the citizens under your thumb, then yes, they made progress this year!

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