Fly on the Wall: Chris Koos

onwallOverheard while flying around:

Chris Koos does not want to be mayor after next year.  He is trying to recruit Adam Nielsen instead.  Kevin McCarthy got thrown overboard.  Previous flights revealed rumors of McCarthy wanting to replacing Koos.   Stay tuned!







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  1. At one time I thought for sure Koos would step aside and McCarthy would be appointed to fill the remainder of his term, setting him up to be the next Mayor. That’s how things seem to work in McLean County. But, who knows? Could it be that McCarthy really doesn’t want to go up against such a formable candidate as Marc Tiritilli? Let’s face it, the Koos record is pretty hard to defend and based on the last mayoral election is doomed to defeat. Not surprised Koos is trying to recruit one of his own from the outside. He’s not going down without a fight.

  2. While it would be great news for all if Koos were to go away one must complete the job. There are a few council members that need to go away for things to really change. Koos demise would be winning a battle but do not equate that to winning the war. Do not have a “Mission accomplished” banner moment yet.

    1. We got a head start and should all take a major victory lap for knocking RC off the Council in the last election. If we can get rid of him, the others aren’t too far behind.

  3. I think Adam Nielsen has always thought about running for Mayor someday. Just not against Koos. Koos knows McCarthy would never win an election for Mayor.

  4. Interested news. I had long heard that Koos was not running, and didn’t want to run last time around, but was convinced otherwise by certain people. (Who? I don’t know.) But, let’s think about it… There are some people and organizations with lots of local influence and (perceived) power who stand to lose a lot if Marc were to be elected. Think of all the “full service” things that the Town funds, protects, or otherwise sticks its nose in. The gravy train would stop without a conductor. The local “power brokers” posing for pictures at Chamber rubber chicken dinners might actually have to do work. Oh, the horror.

    1. The tentacles of the Elitist Clique are far reaching. They do not forfeit power or influence willingly or without a fight. Yes, they are Chamber members but also include others. There is no Democrat, Republican or Independent involved, just influence or power. The kind where anyone of them can pick up the phone, make an offer or threat and ruin a project, keep a company from coming here or expanding or put the competition on the sidelines. Strategy sessions occur at golf outings, members only clubs or at Super Bowl parties.

  5. I’ll believe it when it’s official. I never believe serial liars. Let Nielson run. Tiritilli will mop the floor with him.

  6. Let’s not get to excited that Koos’ reign of debt accumulation and town destruction may be nearing an end. His buy on credit and destroy Normal “for the good of ISU” mentality is still the majority belief on the council. Lorenz, McCarthy, Cummings, Preston and Reece will obey him until the bitter end. My prediction is we will see unprecedented spending and long term deals for select elites the remainder of this year. Taxpayers may want to leave Normal now because this will be an expensive year. On the upside when it is all done UPTOWN will be veiled in gold. (But our roads to get there will still suck.)

  7. Koos has accomplished what he got into office for: he’s destroyed what used to be a quiet little town! He has taken, what used to be a relatively peaceful town and turned it into Peoria! He has taken, what used to be a fiscally responsible town and turned it into: Chicago! Unfortunately,unless he is defeated in next election he will still be around to further push his agenda of fiscal disaster and higher and higher crime! But, like everything that spews from the Mayors office,my guess is its a LIE! A LIE!

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