This will kill the sports complex!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Private Sector is always better than government run because private uses THEIR money.  Plans are better, spending is better, results are ALWAYS better.

Last August I wrote about a private soccer complex being developed – S.K. Nord Fields:

Millennium FC has now partnered with the Bloomington Warriors Lacrosse team. 

Millennium had previously announced they wouldn’t play at a sports complex since they have their own fields.  Lacrosse now has a home too.  They don’t need a government run sports complex.  Congrats to both groups for working together to build it right.

This message was sent to members of the Millennium club:

Millennium In an effort to build community partnerships and support for our complex, we will be announcing a new partnership with the Bloomington Warriors Lacrosse team.

Millennium FC has a long-standing history of success in Bloomington-Normal through hard work and a family-oriented environment. The Bloomington Warriors Club has shown an extreme eagerness to cultivate the same culture.

This partnership will give the Warriors Lacrosse club a permanent home in the community and it will allow all their youth teams to practice on the same complex and host games along with potential tournaments.

We want both our clubs, and every family that considers playing for either club, to know that we have no intentions of slowing down. We will continue to tirelessly help our athletes achieve their goals to play at the next level and beyond. We strongly believe that as a joint organization we can better serve our communities.

What does it mean for you?

How will the partnership help?

The new partnership allows joint funding to continue improvements such as more lighted fields, concessions and any future improvements to the complex. In addition to joint funding, we will strengthen our fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Will my practice times/location change? No, the Warriors will mainly use the complex on off-days when the complex is not being used by soccer.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “This will kill the sports complex!

  1. Good news for all area taxpayers!
    (On the big assumption that local councils, especially Normal, will take reality into account in their future planning…)

    Now if we can manage to do the same with the Connect Transit hub…

  2. The complex is pushed by Normal alone. Specifically, by the know better than thous of Lorenz, McCarthy, Reece, Koos and Cummings. Normal refuses to even sit and talk with Bloomington about the complex.

    B/N each already have a failed sports tourism complex. Bloomington has the Coliseum. Normal has the Cornbelters. Why should taxpayers believe a 3rd attempt will have a different outcome?

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