Koos: Citizen Derangement Syndrome?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos posted this on Facebook:

koos fail

Other than bad grammer, this statement proves he is clueless.  He has not been paying attention to citizens because he doesn’t want to!

Facts Chris:

  • 1 Uptown Circle is a failure because of the ridiculous lease your previous Council approved to get the building built
  • 1 Uptown Circle is a failure because the first floor is STILL empty.  Businesses who wanted to locate there weren’t the “Right Fit”.  Chris, an empty first floor isn’t the “Right Fit” either.
  • Taxes are frequently raised only because you can.
  • You want the fancy underpass complete with fountains, the citizens think it’s a waste of money.  The nicest builds in Town shouldn’t be taxpayer funded.
  • Normal has bonds they are only paying interest on, that is irresponsible and costs much more over time.
  • The current debt is excessive, but you think it’s okay because you can make the payments.  That is also irresponsible.
  • Chris, you know your Public Comment policy is illegal.  Obviously stopping citizens from being on video speaking to any subject they want is your real goal.  Again, opinions of citizens don’t matter.

Mr. Mayor:  Any opinion that doesn’t agree with yours doesn’t matter.

I call that failure!

Nobody is hoping Normal fails, you already have however.  It will take decades to recover from the spending spree that appears to have no end.   The citizens will put fiscally responsible leadership in place instead of your supporters in 2021.

Normal does not have the right to govern against the will of voters.  Marginalizing anyone who doesn’t agree with you means you fail.

Chris, your attempts to harass Stan Nord prove what citizens voted for means nothing.  Wasn’t your buddy Dave Shields selling his house and leaving town, he needs to stop being your tool.  Shields will never win an election!  Citizens have had enough of your 2040 plan, massive debt, and arrogance.

Is Koos developing Citizens Derangement Syndrome?





16 thoughts on “Koos: Citizen Derangement Syndrome?

  1. Apparently you have no class or basic compassion. Koos is battling prostate cancer, where is that fact in your rant against the mayor? The mayor has done a lot for Normal including bringing in Rivian. Those are actual jobs that will be a plus for Normal. Talk about “derangement syndrome” look in the mirror.

    1. You are correct that Koos deserves basic compassion. I’m one of many who strongly disagree with his policies, but would never wish him ill health. I hate to imagine the hardships he’s going through, and do wish him the best outcome possible.

      I felt Diane was perhaps being overly critical in some articles complaining of Chris’ unexplained absences, but I also stand by her based on the fact that we as a society are much better served by media that are overly critical of government than by those that are complicit with it.

      But none of that changes the fact that Chris’ policies are at best unpopular, and at worst fiduciary malfeasance with an occasional illegality thrown in, which is the point of her article.

      That is not ‘derangement’, but arguably the best (only?) true journalism we have in the area.

    2. Hey David,

      Just to clarify, if I am terminally ill is it ok for me to steal your car? If I am terminally ill is it ok for me to tear your house down? If I am terminally ill, can I use my power to neglect and harm individuals with disabilities? Doe a cancer diagnosis mean that laws and ethical behavior no longer apply to me?

      If that is the case I need to know.

  2. …And don’t forget the council majority’s admission that the space under the parking deck is a failure as well, since they effectively gave the space away rent-free for how many years, then recently decided there was no way anybody would want to pay to rent it for at least another five more?

  3. ”Other than bad grammer, this statement proves he is clueless.”

    This statement also proves you can’t spell.

  4. Koos may have medical issues but it appears they are used when covenient. More importantly however, like it or not the world for the rest of us goes on. The harsh fact is simple. Normal would be much better off if he would step down. That would be a win-win situation. He could focus on his medical issues and Normal could focus on the true issues the city is facing instead of someone trying to create what would be a wasted taxpayer funded legacy.

    1. Yes, but what about his replacement? It would be appointed by this Council that’s firmly in his corner. As much as I don’t care for the current mayor, his pick of his successor couldn’t possibly help our cause. It would just position this person to run as an incumbent, get Koos off the hook for his irresponsible policies and a new face that would give people a false hope of a new start.

      Better to keep him in office, let him finish his term and start fresh in the next election where we can get rid of Preston, McCarthy and Cummings.

  5. Let’s not forget the 1010 S. Main St., form based code units that failed. After five years the bottom floors have been forgiven by abNormal to be used for other than retail occuppancy. Koos pushed for continuous “right fit” failure policies long before being diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Too bad so sad as I am not feeling sorry for tyrants and self appointed kings.

  6. Hopefully I can move away from “Normal” to another state. This locale has saddled future generations with unrealistic debt. 90+ million to change downtown to uptown is a waste of $!!

  7. Don’t like the debt in Normal? Thank Koos, Reece, Cummings, Preston, McCarthy and Lorenz…they all voted for our kids and grandkids to pay for it.

    I doubt any of them or their kids will stick around to help pay it all back.

    1. The Reece and Lorenz kids / grandkids all went to college out of state. Doubt they’re coming back to Normal.

  8. In Koos world, I guess crumbling streets and infrastructure is his idea of Utopia! He is still using that royal “we” that in itself should tell you something. He is not amused by the truth!

  9. DJ
    Koos and CO’s Utopia is the area encompassing ISU and Uptown. The rest of Normal exists solely to pay for it.

    Just look at which streets are kept maintained to justify this thesis.

    Normal should change their slogan to one of the following,
    “It’s an Uptown Thing”
    “All about Uptown”
    “Move to Normal, ISU and Uptown need your money”
    “Normal, we will Normally take and p/$$ your money away”
    “Normal, IL – The Fantasy of the Midwest”
    “Normal, Il – Ignoring roads and building dreams”

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