DON’T vote this early

It is ridiculous to vote 6 weeks before an election.  Some races are contested and debates have not even taken place.

Do you even know every office that will be on your ballot?

Early voting is a scam to steal your vote by making sure you are informed.

Just wait, the ballot box will still be around when you are informed.

If you refuse to vote in a primary you are making sure you have no good choices in November.  It is the people who don’t want to pick a party that assure good people are defeated.

Picking a party ballot doesn’t make you a member of any party.  Illinois doesn’t have registered Democrats or Republicans.

If you have elderly relatives, make sure nobody “helps” them vote by mail that you don’t know!

Diane Benjamin



6 thoughts on “DON’T vote this early

  1. And use a paper ballot! Maybe they used to stuff ballot boxes, but at least that required work. Mouse clicks are just too easy.

  2. I agree, early voting is pushed far more by the Left as well in case no one has ever noticed. They like ’em young and they like ’em dumb. I have found that most early voters are either woefully ignorant or woefully confident in their choice – unfortunately they are often both ignorant AND overly confident. I wish people would make at least a little effort to be informed about who they vote for, such as what jobs did they hold or currently hold before they got in politics? What school/s did they go to? What were their majors? What affiliations do they have with various organizations etc. Who are their big donors? These things are important but the average voter often does not take the time to learn these things and they are important, even on local levels.

  3. Also if you have family members in nursing homes, they will be solicited. My grandma voted after a major stroke. Nursing home said she couldn’t communicate her basic needs, but somehow she voted. Westminster Martin health center.

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