New Feature: As posted on Facebook

By:  Diane Benjamin

People like to send me items from Facebook they think I need to see.  I appreciate it!

Some of these things I think you need to see too.  Therefore I will post items for those of you not on Facebook.  Even if you are on Facebook you might have missed these.  Some might come from Twitter too.

Start here:  Chris Koos’s comments about Marc Tiritilli about running for mayor:


On Friday New York City’s Grand Central Terminal was overrun with far left radicals demanding free transportation and no police presence.  They proceeded to trash the turnstiles with glue and paint graffiti wherever they could find space.  Of course taxpayers will foot the bill for their stunt.

Bloomington’s own (and ISU employee) radical Sonny Garcia posted this:

ny vandelism

Finally, Bloomington Alderman Jenn Carrillo and friend of the above Garcia posted this:

clueless Jenn

Revolution Jenn?

The Washington Times had this story:

‘Guillotine the rich’: Sanders staffer says he’s ready for armed ‘revolution’

Sonny Garcia confirmed the plans Bernie supporters have:


Even the DNC knows Bernie can’t beat Donald Trump.  His radical supporters obviously aren’t going to play nice if the DNC “fixes” the nominee again.  Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “New Feature: As posted on Facebook

  1. On the campaign trail, Koos lame stream media will lie, cheat, and steal to polish that turd known as Chris Koos.
    Koos, Carillo, Garcia,,,,idiots.

  2. Checkout Project Veritas. I have been hearing a lot of bad thoughts / suggestions from field coordinators for Comrade Bernie on Sean Hannity’s show from the last three weeks.

  3. WOW! just WOW! Bernie, Jenn , Koos and Sonny ALL in the same story! This reads like a Stephen King novel in the works..Cujo?

  4. Wait for the campaign trail means shut up and let me continue screwing taxpayers in peace awhile longer.

    I am sure Koos is upset the campaign has started so early. I doubt he will run again anyway. People are on to his sheer disregard for local taxpayers.

  5. Koos..,..,if this were a courtroom and you asked the judge to not allow comments by Mark concerning what you accused Mark of saying you would be over ruled. The fact is you (Koos) opened it up by your original comment concerning Marks words. The judge is not like the media which currently can be found sitting on your lap.
    Otherwise….great idea in posting these people’s Facebook garbage. This will really allow us to know the trash in city hall.

  6. Didn’t THIS blog run a couple stories about “Koos lies” here some time back??
    I Guess history DOES repeat itself!

  7. If you have not already made plans to leave this screwed up community you should be making them or seriously consider doing so. BN will continue to be overrun by useless human debris that have zero skills and only know how to extort taxpayer money. Elections will continue to be cyclical where you might be trading four good years in exchange for a crappy eight. Anyway you look at it, long term prosperity is a thing of the past. You beat these idiots by taking their money away and leaving. My spouse retires in four years. After that we are gone.

  8. You would think Koos would stay off social media given what a disaster it’s been for him in the past. But, the guy is just far too stupid to realize that it’s just not working for him. I’ve predicted all along that he will not run, but I may be wrong on that. He’s far too arrogant to step aside. Stupidity and arrogance are not a good formula for a mayor.

  9. At least Marc is crystal clear what he’s up against with the Progressive Marxist Democrats in Normal. But the other obstacle is the unelected administrative state aka “staff.” Full time paid employees who work behind the scenes to fundamentally transform Normal. What do we do about them?

  10. Koos spewing more lies publically? What’s new about that? Seriously, Koos has plenty of reason’s to trash Mark T . Koos has actually done something during his reign. He’s taken what used to be a safe and friendly town and turned it into Peoria,complete with empty buildings, crime and higher taxes. The liberal left are very proud of him!
    As for Jen, Standing up for socialism is standing with slime like Lenin/Marx and Hitler(yes folks , the Nazi party was a SOCIALIST party. My guess there are still people nearby who remember their history.

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