The emails WGLT didn’t use from Stan

By:  Diane Benjamin

On January 14, 2020 I received a tip that WGLT sent a FOIA to the Town of Normal for all communication regarding Stan Nord’s W. College property.  I then FOIA’d WGLT’s FOIA.

On January 22, 2020 WGLT did this story:

1022 WGLT

The letter WGLT used in their second story on January 31, 2020 was NOT in the FOIA:

WGLT did receive 2 emails in their FOIA that Stan Nord wrote, both prove Stan is about bringing new business to town without taxpayer incentives:

Stan WGLTstan wglt 2

Why did WGLT do two stories that mostly ignored the economic opportunities Stan Nord is bringing to Normal?

Is it because only the Town is allowed to do economic development?

Is it because WGLT is Normal’s propaganda arm? 

WGLT could make amends by investigating the other businesses Stan has talked to about locating in Normal.  Let’s just say he won’t be sending them to Pam Reece anymore.


2 thoughts on “The emails WGLT didn’t use from Stan

  1. So we have comments and statements like this that inflame the situation, basically saying she does not know what is going on: “It is my understanding your tenant is currently located and potentially operating on the new, illegal development,” the letter stated.

    Whenever you have inflamed statements like this, it just digs the whole of distrust deeper. Why not just say, “We are working with Mr. Nord to ensure that his property meets the necessary requirements. She could even say, “We believe/know he also supports getting things right for development.”

    I’m not sure what exactly he has in terms of violations, but I don’t see spreading gravel and parking storage receptacles as “development” of the property. So if he starts digging a whole – taking things away – are they going to say that is development? If he cuts the grass, is that development?

    1. Pam Reece, Koos, etc. are just a reflection of Bloomington-Normal as a whole. This is an area full of self-absorbed ego maniacs that can dish out criticism but cannot stand it when the tables are turned on them. It is the primary reason why this community has never and will ever reach it’s full potential. Credit must be doled out to the appropriate wagon circlers whether it is a new project or a new event. It is why you see the constant petty turf wars that never end and why nothing meaningful ever gets accomplished to truly move the community forward. Adults always acting like children because most were raised that way.

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