Why is Mike Matejka involved?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Need proof Normal’s spending is to provide union jobs?   Keep reading.  When the private sector isn’t providing jobs, government is the only alternative.

Mike Matejka is the Governmental Affairs Director, Great Plains Laborers District Council representing LiUNA locals in central Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Why is Mike Matejka arranging official visits concerning the underpass?  He isn’t a Town employee, and he isn’t an elected official.   Has the Council appointed him special ambassador for ridiculous spending?  Why does being a member of the Normal Planning Commission make him a tour guide?

This email chain was received by a FOIA filed by a citizen in Normal.  Since Matejka’s email address is redacted, the Town knows he has no special position or authority.  Evidently he just acts like it.

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matejka b

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Obviously Normal keeps moving forward with the underpass without a vote.

Has Koos twisted Kathleen’s arm to vote Yes?

In 2015 while running for office (the first time) she didn’t think taxpayers should be forced to “cover the bulk of the cost”.  Does she know “grants” are tax money?  Is this project still $10 Million short?  Will Kathleen vote to borrow more money?

March 31, 2015 Pantagraph:



When do your Council representatives get to vote? 

When Koos and Reece have final plans in place?









4 thoughts on “Why is Mike Matejka involved?

  1. Big Mike is looking at all of those union jobs that will pay Prevailing Wage. High Prevailing Wage rates will be the answer for high Prevailing Wage rates..

  2. It’s funny that she notes her “leadership” positions when apparently all she does is kiss butt.

  3. Amazing resume for LORENZ there, from soccer mom to politician!
    I guess you could say then that a breeding pasture bull could go from regular BS to “genetic specialist” in one day??
    As for Mike, well, he’s going to “pimp” for the union till he dies, wonder IF his headstone will be carved by UNION stone workers?

  4. “On time and under budget” and “Plan your work and work your plan” are both very good mottos, but only if you start with a good plan. Kathleen seems unwilling to push back against egotism, fiduciary malfeasance, and outright illegal behavior. Impeccable execution of a bad plan is not something to be proud of.
    As for asking when the board gets input, Normal has a sad history of never bringing anything up publicly until it has already been decided and presented for the board’s rubber stamp. Stan has been waging an uphill battle against that – We need to elect more ‘Stans’, at All levels of government.

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