Connect Transit Investigated

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Illinois Human Rights Authority investigated complaints filed against Connect Transit.

See the charges and conclusions here:

The first complaint was:  Lack of ADA accessible bus stops for riders with a disability

The Human Rights Authority found this charge violated The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (28 CFR 35) and other regulations that govern public transportation companies.  They also realize Connect has a plan to make more ADA compliant.

The second complaint was:  Improper use of the paratransit company, dropping routes to force individuals with disabilities to use the alternative transportation system

This complaint was found unsubstantiated.  See the conclusions on PDF page 13.



The entire report is 13 pages long and worth reading.

If you don’t agree with anything in the report or you have other issues with Connect Transit, file your own complaint here:

3 thoughts on “Connect Transit Investigated

  1. The passage regarding funding was interesting. I was hoping it would state that the taxpayers of Bloomington Normal are forced to pay $10,000,000.00 per year so CT can exist. But that’s not what they wrote. Hmmm.

    1. The left likes to play word games, and shell games without money. Technically B-N taxpayers don’t pay $10M/yr for CT. It’s something like they pay $1M/yr for CT, + 1$M/yr Rockford, +$1M/yr for Springfield, +$1M/yr for East St Louis, +$1K/yr for Kalamazoo, +$1K for Albequerque, …
      Purposely designed to manipulate people into acting against their collective best interest.

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